sewyeah_valentines_heart_openerThese paper hearts are a perfect Valentines craft. Make small ones to scatter around and use as confetti or larger ones and string them on a garland or use as a present topper.

It took me about 3 attempts to master the technique but then they become super speedy and addictive to make.

You will need, thin a4 sheets of coloured paper, scissors,

1. From the short edge of the sheet of paper cut a strip approximately 3cm wide



2. Starting in one corner fold a triangle, making sure the triangles edge lines up neatly with the rest of the strip


3. Repeat four more times folding the triangles in on themselves along the paper strip.


4. Cut what’s left of the strip so there is a 1cm tab of paper left.


5. On this tab of paper fold the top down to form a small triangle


6. Gently pinch the edges of the big triangle towards each other and it will open.


7. Carefully poke the tab of paper into the opening (this seemed impossible the first time I did it but I got the hang of it after about 3 attempts)


8. Your triangle will now be held closed and won’t unfold

9. Hold the triangle by its odd corner and cut rounded edges on the two equal corners.



10. Now use the closed blades of your scissors and pass them between the folds of paper through the two cut corners.


11. Use them and your fingers to push the top of the heart open to begin creating the 3D effect


12. Finally use your thumb nail to press the top of the heart down to make the hearts ‘dip’.




Why not make a bunch and then go scatter them round your neighbourhood. We all need a little extra love these days.

Paper straw valentines arrow sewyeah

Looking for an alternative idea for your Valentines Day cards this year? This simple craft project is super quick and easy to make. It also has a secret love message hidden inside …

thin coloured cardpaper straws
craft knife and cutting matt or scissors
arrow head and tail template (click here for download)
little bit of washi/masking tape.


valentines arrow step 3

one: download, print and cut out the arrow head and tail template. Draw round or tape it to a piece of coloured card.


valentines arrow step 4

two: Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out.