There’s been another book project I’ve been beavering away at over the last year and yesterday saw the launch of the second Liberty sewing book which I was honoured to work on with the hugely talented Lucinda Ganderton. We had a wonderful day coming up with project ideas, choosing Liberty fabrics from the massive swatch books and  fighting over who wanted to make what. Lucinda created the beautiful quilts while I got obsessed with Libby and her amazing ra-ra dress (I couldn’t stop adding frills!)

chevron quiltlibby doll

Some of the projects in the book require little or no sewing and are great for using up odd scraps of fabric (Liberty or otherwise). The Guardian online have posted this extract from the book on how to make these fabric covered letters.

Liberty letters 2

Guardian webpage

click on image to get instructions


and this is what it looks like in the book

Comments sections on these things always make for good reading and the ones on this page are pretty varied! Can I just say that the image in step 9 on the website is the right way round … There shouldn’t be an image with step 1 which has probably confused icklewickle  … We’re hoping they’re going to fix this but refer to the book image above if you get confused. Ta.

(The Liberty Book of Simple Sewing. Photography by Kristin Perers, styled by Twig Hutchinson. RRP £20 buy it here)

First a little apology… Sorry to my subscribers who are getting this post for a second time as I accidentally sent it out last week due to a slip of my big fat fingers! Seeing as I hadn’t actually given Lizzi and Hugo their gift then it didn’t seem right that the world got to see it before them.

Anyway, continue.

Hugo and Lizzi get married

Hurrah Hurrah! Two of my most wonderful friends got married a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful relaxed wedding down in sunny Helford with invites sent by text message (bit like organising a rave), a brass band trumpeted Lizzi down the ailse with a rendition of The Floral Song (them being Cornish and all), the marriage certificate got turned into a paper aeroplane and flown across the reception at some point in the night and there was no gift list.

I know our presence rather than our presents were what really mattered on the day but it didn’t feel right that they didn’t have anything to open … Everyone loves a gift.

On the long train journey home from Cornwall I got all inspired to make them this wall hanging commemorating the day and their gorgeous family. I used lots of leftover scraps of fabric and had fun practicing my freehand machine embroidery skills on the applique motif of The Shipwrights Arms where the reception was held.

Lizzi and hugo

Here’s how I did it.

Personalised wall hanging

Looking at it in these pictures I’ve realised that I really should embroider the date somewhere on the hanging, so I’m off to do that now.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters A, E, H, K, C, R, B, K, P, R, V


You may recognise some of these letters from previous Letter Of The Day posts. I have finally found them an appropriate space in My New House hanging between my New Wardrobes in my Newly Decorated Bedroom.

I hung them with hammer and nail … now I can do a lot of crafty things and will have a go at most DIY challenges but I still can’t manage to hammer a nail in straight … It’s always been an issue and one I haven’t mastered yet, so behind those letters are a lot of holes, bent nails and frustration. Oh and don’t even get me started on the spacing between the letters (known as kerning in ‘the biz’. You can play a ‘fun’ game and practice your kerning here), that was hard, and I apologise for the spacing between the R and the B; way     to    much.

Anyway, what does it all mean you may wonder. Well my friend Master J thinks it could stand for…

Always Eat Hot Kedgeree Carefully. Remember: Burning Kedgeree Proves Rather Vexatious

but what do you think?


It’s that time of year again, when it snows and we freeze and Fashion starts to tell us what we will be wearing when it stops snowing and we thaw out. Over at Marie Claire we’ve been slaving away to make another delicious edition of our fashion bible Runway.

Inspired by next seasons trends and also the 60’s design movement known as Supergraphics this issues design is bright, bold and striking. I made this Pinterest board for inspiration.

Like fashion Marie Claire Runway is …





educational (er, i’m sure you can learn important life lessons from a skirt)


informative (again, trousers have a lot to say if only we’d listen)


and fun


Unlike fashion Marie Claire Runway is in the shops for a limited period from today so go get yours NOW!