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The other day my lovely friend Lady H texted me asking if I knew any good online fabric shops as she was about to embark on a mini curtain making project to hide her children’s toys at the base of a set of shelves. These were the places I came up with …

Hus and Hem


This shop is a treasure trove of all things Scandinavian (or as they say a Smörgåsbord). Apart from all the lovely home accessories they have a great range of printed linens and cottons.

Hus and Hem

1. Spira Jaffa Green Swedish Fabric £39 a meter
2 Spira Mello Grey Scandinavian Fabric £35 a meter
3. Kauniste Sokeri Blue Finnish Fabric £24.95 a meter
4. Almedahls Italiensk Blomsterhylla Swedish Fabric £21 a meter

M is For Make


An array of fabrics sold as fat quarters (roughly 45 x 55 cm). If you want more than half a meter of fabric request multiple fat quarters and you’ll get a continuous length. (4 fat quarters gives you around a meter square). Also sells bundles of complementary fabrics which is great for quilting and applique. m  is for make

1. Autumn Wonderland £3.50 per quarter
2. Navy Leaf £2.90 per quarter
3. Metallic Spot £3.00 per quarter
4. Volumes in Degas £2.50 per quarter



Though Liberty only sell their fine Tana Lawn fabrics online, there’s still over 100 patterns to choose from. Every year they revisit their classic patterns and update them in new colour ways and also introduce new designs … Anyone for a Giraffe in Trainers?


1. Lauren £22 a meter
2. Milla A £22 a meter
3. Poppy’s Patchwork B £22 a meter
4. Queue for the Zoo £22 a meter

The Home Makery


A one stop shop for pretty craft materials; from crochet wool to paper stamps and inks, there will always be something here to inspire you. It has some big name brands with fabrics from Tanya Whelan, Tilda and Dashwood Studios.

the home makery

1. Annali Fall Flowers £3 a fat quarter
2. Wildwood Foxes £3 a fat quarter
3. Wildwood Aubergine Toadstools £3 a fat quarter
4. Annali Teal Flowers £3 a fat quarter



Don’t like any of these? Then why not make your own? Spoonflower is an amazing website that allows you to upload your own design and have it printed on fabric ( a large choice including cottons, linens and silks), wallpaper or gift wrap. If you’re not a budding textile designer then you can always buy someone elses design.  (Prices vary depending on fabric choice)


1. Flying High
2. Floral Quilt Cheat
3. Sparrow Song
4. Mod

title page SEW LIBERTY

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Granted I should have posted this a few weeks ago but hey, there’s only 341 days till Xmas 2014 so maybe we could look at this as an early gift for next year?

Liberty have launched a lovely online sewing magazine to complement their revamped Sew Liberty website. The magazine has interviews with creatives and makers – yes, I am one of them this issue, talking about how I decorate my house for Christmas (like I said, oops.) – also step by step projects, tutorials, helpful crafting hints plus the ease of buying anything you see in the magazine with just a few clicks of the mouse.

page from sew liberty

christine leech interview

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Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 11.40.16

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Lovely Hannah Read-Baldrey my Partner-in-Craft and star of her own video tutorial channel HRB-TV had me over for a cup of tea and a chat the other day to natter about the joy that is the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing  (out now) and she caught it all on camera. As well as sharing some behind the scenes secrets we also have 3 copies of the book worth £16.99 each to give away. Simply watch the video below and answer the question I posed …

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 11.40.36

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AND if that’s not enough of a Liberty fix for you then I’m running a workshop this Sunday (27th of October) showing people how to make the lovely fabric covered letters featured in the book. Liberty letters 2

It’s going to be held in the Liberty Haberdashery department and for just £25 you get a copy of the book, some lovely tuition and help from me and all the materials needed to make a letter of your choice. For more information visit Liberty.co.uk or call 020 7734 1234. I’ll bring the biscuits!




There’s been another book project I’ve been beavering away at over the last year and yesterday saw the launch of the second Liberty sewing book which I was honoured to work on with the hugely talented Lucinda Ganderton. We had a wonderful day coming up with project ideas, choosing Liberty fabrics from the massive swatch books and  fighting over who wanted to make what. Lucinda created the beautiful quilts while I got obsessed with Libby and her amazing ra-ra dress (I couldn’t stop adding frills!)

chevron quiltlibby doll

Some of the projects in the book require little or no sewing and are great for using up odd scraps of fabric (Liberty or otherwise). The Guardian online have posted this extract from the book on how to make these fabric covered letters.

Liberty letters 2

Guardian webpage

click on image to get instructions


and this is what it looks like in the book

Comments sections on these things always make for good reading and the ones on this page are pretty varied! Can I just say that the image in step 9 on the website is the right way round … There shouldn’t be an image with step 1 which has probably confused icklewickle  … We’re hoping they’re going to fix this but refer to the book image above if you get confused. Ta.

(The Liberty Book of Simple Sewing. Photography by Kristin Perers, styled by Twig Hutchinson. RRP £20 buy it here)