I originally made these giant rosettes for my book Scissors, Paper, Craft and I reckon with a little switcheroo from wallpaper to shiney and sparkly christmas gift wrap they would make the perfect wall decoration for your lounge or dining room this festive season.

This project was up on the Laura Ashley blog a little while ago and when I was walking past my local store at the weekend I spotted some beautiful gold versions adorning their Christmas window display!

Images above taken from

Images above taken from

Here are the instructions. Enjoy.

Giant Rosette steps

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from Everything Oz

For some reason Summer has decided not to end this year (not that I’m complaining.) but if your garden is lacking a little colour right now then these giant paper poppies could be the answer … until it starts raining … (which as Miss Jones just pointed out will probably be on Sunday when the Paralympics come to an end and they go all sad and limp … as do we).

The lovely people over at Laura Ashley have put the step by step instructions and templates from Everything Oz up on their blog so if you fancy making a few head over there now.

There was one step they missed out though… Finish with a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust!

If you like that  … Try …

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