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If you’re still looking for something a little different for your Halloween parties this weekend then this bright and colourful Trick or Treat game might just be what you are looking for.

The rules are super simple – each player takes it in turns to pull a Halloween character off the game board to reveal if they’ve won a Trick or a Treat!

I’ve made the game using different coloured papers cut and stuck together, but on the download file that accompanies these instructions I’ve included coloured versions of each character as well as the templates. If you don’t have time to get super creative you can simply print the coloured versions out onto thin card and away you go! plus, the black and white out line templates are perfect for children to colour in so you could always use them as the game pieces. (ooh too much choice!)

The templates and full instructions are over on  – click here to go, go, go!

Velcrobrand Halloween game sewyeah FINAL PIC REC




Halloween pompom skulls sewyeah

There’s nothing remotely scary about these fluffy multicoloured skull pompoms. They make great Halloween decorations strung together into a garland, or you could hand them out as gifts to the visiting Trick or Treaters. Find out how to make them below …


You will need: 2 shades of wool – have a lovely selection of yarns by a new brand Paintbox – their DK makes really lovely pompoms. A 7cm pompom maker, scissors.


Starting in the middle of a 7cm PomPom maker wind 5 wraps of pink wool to the right. Make sure the wraps lie flat next to each other rather than overlapping. Next wind 3 wraps back to the left – then 2 wraps to the right and 1 wrap back to the left – You want to build up a rough wedge shape which will become the nose. The picture below shows the maker from the top and you can see how the wool is wider towards the bottom than the top.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 1 halloween pompom skull sewyeah 2


Then wrap 8 wraps of white wool below the pink, try and wrap these close together only 2 or 3 wraps wide.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 3


Then repeat with the pink wool for 8 wraps.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 4


Wind the white wool for 50 wraps back and forth between the left hand side of the maker and just over the bridge of the nose.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 5


witch candles

It’s almost the start of the winter festivities … Halloween, Bonfire night, that other one that happens towards the end of December, so there’s lots of crafting opportunities coming up.

If you’re looking for something a little special to put in your window to draw the trick and treaters closer (or scare them away) try this candle topper project taken from our book Everything Oz.

i'm melting candles

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They’re made using wax pellets, candles and cookie cutters. So when you’ve finished making biscuits for your little hobgoblins why not give these a try.

 I’m Melting … Witch Candles

Wax pellets
Black candle colouring
Medium lead-free wire wick
An old sauce pan
A tin can or metal jug
Plastic jug
Baking tray with sides
Baking parchment
Witch cookie cutter
Black table candles

1. Place the wax pellets or beads in an old tin can or metal jug. Place the can in an old saucepan, if necessary resting on a trivet. Fill the saucepan with cold water to just below the rim of the can. Bring the water to the boil, then turn the heat down to a simmer until the wax melts. When the wax is molten add some black candle dye.

2. Line the baking tray with parchment. Pour the black wax into the lined tray, leaving a small amount in the can. Allow the wax to cool till it is pliable and soft to the touch.

3. Using the cookie cutter. press out two witch shapes per candle and peel away from the parchment. Place a length of wick on the inside of one wax shape, about one third should be visible above the witches hat and two thirds on the wax. Lay a wooden toothpick on the bottom third of the witch. Press them into the wax firmly.

4. Using the leftover wax, stick the second wax witch shape on top of the first, matching up the contours and sandwiching the wick and toothpick in between. Allow to cool.

5. Cut the tops of the black table candles and place in a microwave for 10 seconds to soften the wax

6. Make a hole in the top of each table candle by skewering with a toothpick. Position the witch-shaped candles in the tops of the table candles by slotting the toothpick into the hole.

Here are three great sets of cookie cutters…

cookie cutters

1. Halloween cookie cutters £2.79 Lakeland Plastics
2. Wilton Halloween cookie cutters £4.00 John Lewis 3. Wilko Embossing Cookie cutters £2.50 Wilko

And here are some places to get the wax supplies… (for wax pellets, wicks and dyes) (pretty self explanatory!)
ikea (for black pillar candles)

and here’s where you can find out more about Everything Oz


Happy Halloween!