There’s a real craze for oversize hair clips this summer and these Swarovski crystals are perfect for a super special and super speedy DIY.

There’s something about these crystals that reminds me of the boiled sweets my Nanna used to bring back from Germany. The colours are so bright and well, just delicious!


Two pear fancy stones 14 x 10 mm, four cushion fancy stone 12 mm plus settings with holes for each. Try here for a nice selection, thin beading wire, pliers for cutting and bending the settings to secure, E6000 glue or similar (GemTac is also good), hair clip blank


Spread a thin layer of glue across the hair clip


Place each of the settings onto the glue. you will be able to reposition them for a short while to make sure you are happy with the placement.


Though the glue will hold the settings in place I like to use wire for extra security as the hair clips can bend when being placed in your hair. Open the hair clip. Cut a length of wire about 30 cm and fix it at one end by winding it around the clip and twisting to secure. Next thread the wire through the holes in the settings and around the top of the clip. Work your way down the clip securing each setting.


Place each of your fancy stones into their appropriate setting and then use pliers to bend down the fastenings to secure.


If you don’t want to make a fully covered clip then just one fancy stone and setting on an oversize kirby grip looks lovely too.

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