lovely letter L

Today’s post is bought to you by the letter I.

I Facts

1. This letter I is 25 cm high
2. It’s made of brown cardboard.
3. I bought it from Hobbycraft (again). It’s another letter I have decorated using paper. This time I used an old map I bought in a junk shop and watered down PVA glue. I drew around the letter and added an extra couple of inches all around so I could fold the extra paper down the sides of the letter. I trimmed the excess paper away then cut another letter I the same size as the cardboard letter and glued this to the other side, covering up all the rough edges.
4. I’ve always thought it would be nice to do a whole word (like HOME) using a map of the actual area you lived in. That would be a real nice new house present.
5. It’s not an easy font to identify as many I’s look the same …but I’d say it was a slab serif like, maybe, ooh lovely Rockwell.
6. Good words that begin with I: idiot, incidental, icky

This is what my lounge looked like a month ago.

I wasn’t making a Gastro Pub style feature wall but more boringly fixing a damp problem. Even more boringly I wasn’t doing this in The New House just getting The Old House ready to sell. I had a bit of a dilemma as to how to decorate the wall when it was finally waterproofed and re-plastered, previously I’d put up a nice bit of wallpaper and I wanted to replace this BUT I didn’t want to spend a fortune on paper that (hopefully) I wouldn’t be looking at for much longer and that also might get ripped down as soon as the New Owner moves in.

I wanted to find a wallpaper that I could live with for a couple of months and that wouldn’t break the bank. There are millions of nice paper designs out there in every colour way and pattern possible so to stop my brain exploding I narrowed my search down by choosing a colour scheme of black/grey/silver and looking for a nature inspired print.

In general it appears I have expensive taste as all my favourite papers were around the £60 a roll mark. Which is acceptable if you’re only doing one wall or a couple of alcoves but can get a bit prohibitive if you’re papering a whole room or the paper has a massive repeat as you end up wasting a lot of paper making the pattern match up.  These were my ‘dream choices’

from left Marimekko Biloba Wallpaper £56.95 from John Lewis
Family Tree Wallpaper £59.95 from 95%Danish
Harlequin Silhouette Wallpaper £58 from John Lewis

Then I moved on to some more attainable ones…

from left Sanderson Squirrel & Dove Wallpaper £35.46 from Housedecorltd
Graham & Brown Mirage Wallpaper £21.99 from Homebase
Cottonwood Leaf Wallpaper £25.90 from Laura Ashley

But the one I went for in the end was this …

… which was a bargain of £13.99 from homebase. It only took about two hours to put up with a couple of limbo moves trying to get it behind the staircase, but I managed it apart from this little problem I had right at the very end of the wall, and apparently the roll!



Today’s post is bought to you by the letter U.

U Facts

1. This letter U is 25 cm high
2. It’s made of plaster or maybe some sort of balsa wood.
3. I bought it from Hobbycraft. When I got it it was a plain and simple white letter and a lil bit boring. I transformed it by cutting inch wide strips of paper (the one I used was from Paperchase and was a kinda half tissue paper half paper paper, so pliable but strong) and dunking them in a pot of wallpaper paste, removing the excess paste with my hands and wrapping the U with them and leaving to dry.
4. It used to live in my kitchen helping spell the word cherub (now it’s packed away in the shed waiting for The Move).


5. It’s in bog standard Times, yawn.
6. Good words that begin with U: ummmmmmm, umami, unbelievable

Today’s post is bought to you by the letter H.

H Facts

1. This letter H is currently in the shed and it’s raining so I’m not going to get it so I can’t measure it so I’m going to guess it’s about 30cm high.
2. It’s made of wood and is an actual antique, well it’s definitely old. It’s all beaten up and scratched and beautifully worn at the edges.
3. I found it in Aladdin’s Cave, one of my favourite reclamation yards on Lewisham Way. This place really does live up to it’s name, it has loads of house and shop clearance goodies as well as old radiators, doors, fireplaces and sinks. When I first moved to Brockley I would visit there every week and always came away with some beautiful old letter for a bargain price. Now when I visit there doesn’t seem to be so many of these classic wood, metal or plaster letters but an awful lot of plastic ones spelling out Starbucks or Wetherspoons, which kinda takes the romance out of them. I would much rather imagine my letters came from H.H Croft & Sons Grocers & General Store.
4. It’s in beautiful Gill. A font designed in 1926 by Eric Gill used everywhere from Penguin books to the BBC. It is most commonly mistaken as the font of the London Underground when in fact that font is called Johnston. Look at the difference in the W!

5. Good words that begin with H: Hurrah, humdinger and hatchback.