With all this Jubilee hoo-ha that’s going on at the moment there’s ever such a lot of bunting around. This cute flower garland is an alternative way to decorate your room, garden or entire street. It’s perfect for using up old scraps of material and requires hardly any skill so it’s great for children or beginners to have a go.

Here are the steps … Click to enlarge

The garland looks lovely hanging down at the sides of curtains and also over children’s beds.

Since I am in the middle of house hunting at the moment, I understand that however much I want to I shouldn’t buy new beds, sofas and carpets but I can’t resist buying small things I can easily store till I find somewhere to go. Recently I seem to be finding lots of lovely drawer knobs… The number 1-4 ones are from Tiger (like Ikea but smaller and in highstreets) and were about £4. The button and other number ones are from Anthropologie and were £6 each.

I’m gonna need a bigger chest of drawers.