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Ahhhh look at these two little monkeys, these are my beloved little angels. They don’t technically belong to me but my good friends Matt (author of beautiful blog athousandfragments) and Charlotte. They are awfully useful for cuddling, crafting with and testing out projects on. Here they are modelling two skirts I made using fabrics from Dashwood Studio.

dashwood studios

click on picture to visit site

As you can see Dashwood studio are a UK-based textile design company. They launched earlier this year and very kindly sent me some fabrics to play around with.  I love the patterns in the Petite Street range. It has a cool colour combo and some great geometric shapes going on.

petite street

Petite street: click to buy

I chose three fabrics from this range to make these two Ra-Ra skirts for my little rascals. I made them remotely (I’m based in London and the girls are down in the West Country) so the sizing might not be perfect (but, hey, they can grow into them). I love the way the fabrics go together and the skirts look cute and cool at the same time. The fabric is really good quality and a joy to work with.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make the skirts:

As every little girl is a different shape and size I haven’t really given any measurements here. Basically I used the full width of the fabric and guessed the rest! (the joy of an elastic waistband is not having to be particular about waist sizes as you just take in or let out the elastic as you see fit) What I do know is that the waistband (which gets folded in half) and lower ruffle are the same depth as each other and the top ruffle is 25% smaller than them. If I had had the girls with me when I was making the skirts I would have measured from their waist to the top of their knee then divided that measurement by three. The bottom ruffle and waistband would have been 2/3rds of that measurement and the top ruffle would be 25% smaller. (I’m not sure I’m supposed to mix 3rds and %’s!)

So If the measurement was 12cm*, the waist band and bottom ruffle would be 8cm each and the top ruffle would be 6. I imagine there’s some amazing algebraic equation I could do for this but quite frankly I don’t do math. Sorry.

Ra Ra Skirt instructions-1

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Ra Ra Skirt instructions-2

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Thanks to Dashwood studio for supplying the fabric and thanks to T & B for the excellent modelling.


*if the measurement was 12cm they would be a very small person

ICe lolly purse

So it’s still summer, it’s still Summer Holidays (just) and therefore it’s still Ice Lolly Weather. If you’re looking for a crafty project to keep little (or big) hands busy then this felt ice lolly shaped purse might just do the trick. Made up of simple shapes, it requires a little hand sewing and a lot of sequin sticking but it’ll be super useful for the following things:

1. Keeping ice cream money in or
2. Storing iphones or ipods or
3. making sure that mini bottle of sun lotion is always to hand or
4. keeping shell collections safe or even
5. as a nice new pencil case for school.

Here’s the step by step guide on how to make it …


and the templates


If you want to try your hand at making this project but you don’t have any felt to hand don’t panic as I’ve teamed up with lovely Nicole from Cloud Craft to give away a pack of the five felts you’ll need for the project. Nice one Nic.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.54.24

Nicole’s wonderful Etsy shop is full of beautiful 100% wool felt and lots of other haberdashery treats. If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won (closing date Aug 28th) then she’s also offering a 10% discount on all purchases till the 15th of Sept. Simply enter icecream10 at the checkout for your discount.

For your chance to win simply say hello (or something else lovely) in the comment box below and I’ll choose a winner at random.

photo 1

I saw this little fellow on a recent trip to Paperchase, initially I couldn’t quite work out what it was but then on further investigation I realised it was maybe one of the Best Fancy Dress Costumes Ever.

photo 2

How neat is that! Designed by a French company called Omy they also have Lions, and Tigers and Bears (well, Lions and Superheros and Princesses) as well as a range of other cool and chic kids pictures, wallpapers and T shirts.

They may be quite a new company as lots of exciting looking things on the website are ‘coming soon’, but if you are good at French (I’m not) you can buy lots of cool stuff and probably get it delivered to your house (I’ve just spent quite a long time trying to find out if they deliver to the UK and using my basic grasp of French learned from The Eurovision Contest I can confirm they do indeed deliver to Royaume-Uni)
Click the picture below to visit their site



We all know I like a bit of typography and last night whilst watching telly, surfing the net and cutting one million and one felt circles for a new project I visited my friends Master E’s excellent blog social and spotted these paper plates


magpie designs paper plates £10

I’d seen these plates before and though I love them I wasn’t sure what I could use them for… I knew I would never be able to eat off them as they were Just Too Pretty. But the wonderful Master E has come up with a cunning plan. His blog is full of crafty makes, junk shop finds and renovation projects which make him (in my eyes) the UK’s Grace Bonney (though he may or may not be actually Canadian, (apologies E if you are or aren’t and I’ve offended you one way or the other!)) and by simply sticking the plates up on the wall of a nursery he has created a thing of genius. Clever boy.


Fortunately the designers of these plates have also created notebooks

magpie notebooks £6

and mugs

magpie mugs £8

so Im sure I’ll be purchasing something from them very soon… Visit here and Magpie Designs here