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I saw this little fellow on a recent trip to Paperchase, initially I couldn’t quite work out what it was but then on further investigation I realised it was maybe one of the Best Fancy Dress Costumes Ever.

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How neat is that! Designed by a French company called Omy they also have Lions, and Tigers and Bears (well, Lions and Superheros and Princesses) as well as a range of other cool and chic kids pictures, wallpapers and T shirts.

They may be quite a new company as lots of exciting looking things on the website are ‘coming soon’, but if you are good at French (I’m not) you can buy lots of cool stuff and probably get it delivered to your house (I’ve just spent quite a long time trying to find out if they deliver to the UK and using my basic grasp of French learned from The Eurovision Contest I can confirm they do indeed deliver to Royaume-Uni)
Click the picture below to visit their site





Just as the Spring finally starts to make an apperance I’m back at Marie Claire Runway, immersing myself in the colours, styles and trends that we’re all going to be wearing this autumn and into 2014 (fyi: punk, pink and mannish suits). So even though we have barely started to wear our flip flops I am already planning my next winter coat and hat (a nice 1940’s style Prada piece, thank you please).

I have decided that if I have room for another career in my lifetime I might like to be a set designer. I’ve spent a lot of time watching catwalk videos of the shows, (check out Louis Vuitton or Prada to see what I mean) but it’s this little ‘making of’ video from Mulberry that really made me think … “yeah, that’d be fun to do”.

Working with 3D designers extrordinaire Millington Associates Mulberry turned the entrance of Claridges into a magnificent hedgerow, full of butterflies, harvest mice, flowers and mulberries (obvs) then carried the theme through on to the catwalk.

mulberry making of

click to watch

mulberry grabs

Want to make a giant mouse. now.

Liberty garden1

The wonder that is Liberty has a new department. A garden department.  It’s up on the fourth floor taking full advantage of the beautiful vaulted glass roof that makes you feel you are wandering round an orangery of some grand stately home.

In true Liberty style not only are there beautiful things to buy but their merchandise displays are cool, humorous and inspiring. Their use of unorthadox planting vessels really got me thinking.

liberty garden 2

They are selling everything from seeds and tiny plant pots, perfect for the city gardener with only window boxes to tend to, to outdoor dining goodies for those with a bit more space.

Liberty plants

If you can’t get to the store then they have a selection of wares on their website.  Here are three of my favourite things…

LIberty Buys

1. Fallen Fruits Red Insect Hotel £24.95
2. Fallen Fruits Four terracotta pots in a box £19.95
3. Fallen Fruits zinc rectangular outdoor serving tray £19.95

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters A, E, H, K, C, R, B, K, P, R, V


You may recognise some of these letters from previous Letter Of The Day posts. I have finally found them an appropriate space in My New House hanging between my New Wardrobes in my Newly Decorated Bedroom.

I hung them with hammer and nail … now I can do a lot of crafty things and will have a go at most DIY challenges but I still can’t manage to hammer a nail in straight … It’s always been an issue and one I haven’t mastered yet, so behind those letters are a lot of holes, bent nails and frustration. Oh and don’t even get me started on the spacing between the letters (known as kerning in ‘the biz’. You can play a ‘fun’ game and practice your kerning here), that was hard, and I apologise for the spacing between the R and the B; way     to    much.

Anyway, what does it all mean you may wonder. Well my friend Master J thinks it could stand for…

Always Eat Hot Kedgeree Carefully. Remember: Burning Kedgeree Proves Rather Vexatious

but what do you think?