Today’s post is bought to you by the letter Y.

Y Facts

1. This letter Y is small about 12cm tall
2. It’s a bronze metal affair
3. I bought it about eight years ago from a small junk shop in Bath.
4. It’s in the king of fonts: Helvetica.
5. Good words that begin with Y: yummy, yay and yoikes.

Last Thursday me and a band of Ladies visited Pick Me Up at Somerset House, the annual graphic art and illustration exhibition featuring new and established artists. It’s on till the 1st of April so you can totally still go.

When I visit exhibitions like this I am inspired and frustrated in equal parts and I always come away from them wishing I did more drawing in my daily life. There was fine work by the people of the Soma Gallery; a print collective from Bristol, Alice Hoults little blue elephant almost made it home with me and the cat illustration by Gemma Correll made every one of us ‘ha!’ out loud when we saw it.
Annoyingly I wasn’t concentrating enough (too much gossiping) to take down all the names of the work I liked so though I Really Want a fox and tree print (top left) I don’t know who did it or where I can get it from. Doh!


image from

Oh and if you do go to the exhibition you get to walk past this amazing installation by artist Fernando Casasempere. They’re flowers made of clay, loads of them and really beautiful.

I love notebooks, I don’t think I’ve ever completely used one up though as I always seem to buy a new one before I’ve properly finished the first (and being a grown-up I don’t have to prove to anyone I’ve used every last page like I used to at school when I wanted a new exercise book). I also don’t like to mix my notebooks so every time I have a new idea for a project or a design I have to find myself a new book and a new pen before I can start recording my ‘genius’.

Imagine my delight when the lovely people over at Quadrille Publishing asked me and Hannah to design our own stationery range to compliment our book Everything Alice. The range consists of notecards, a cake stand and my favourite, these notebooks.

click to enlarge

We originally came up with countless designs but settled on this set of three (not big, not small, kinda handbag size) books; each one with a ‘helpful tip for an easier life’ quote from a character in Alice in Wonderland or Alice through the Looking Glass. These books have everything I look for in a notebook (well, when you’re the designer I guess that’s the point). Three in a pack, check, one lined, one plain and one grided, check, brown card, check, screen-printed and a little bit embossed? check and check.

Thing is my love of notebooks hasn’t been satisfied so I’m already trawling the net for my next fix… and this little lot are on my list …

click to enlarge

1. A&7. Want? get here

2. Alphabet book. Want? get here

3. Blue and brown paper scrapbook. Want? get here

4. Dastardly nefarious plans for world domination. Want? get here

5. Orla Kiely flowers. Want? get here

6. Lisa London. Want? get here

Oh yeah and Everything Alice Wonderland Notebooks. Want? get here

I don’t really use salt and I don’t really like pepper so these little delights don’t have a terribly busy life. Though when I do need either of those things I like to have a choice of condiment container. I think these two have had a barny.