About four years ago I bought a pack of veneer wood, about 15 sheets of terribly, terribly thin wood in different colours and grains. I bought it to make some monogram gift tags for my Christmas presents. The wood was so thin it kept snapping as I was cutting it so I got cross, shoved it in a cupboard and forgot about it … Till now… The other day I was looking around for crafty inspiration when I came across this at the lovely blog that is youaremyfave

Well, that totally inspired me to have a go and make something similar. I went for a more eclectic woodland and I wanted to incorporate my Most Favourite Bird Ever the Owl. Then as I can never stop myself doodling on a blank piece of anything I used a white pen to illustrate my trees and owls.

If you want to know how to make your own follow these instructions…

This mobile is super delicate but it does make the most beautiful noise when moving in a slight breeze. Oh, and if you want some veneer wood I found mine here on ebay

Today’s post is bought to you by the letter H.

H Facts

1. This letter H is currently in the shed and it’s raining so I’m not going to get it so I can’t measure it so I’m going to guess it’s about 30cm high.
2. It’s made of wood and is an actual antique, well it’s definitely old. It’s all beaten up and scratched and beautifully worn at the edges.
3. I found it in Aladdin’s Cave, one of my favourite reclamation yards on Lewisham Way. This place really does live up to it’s name, it has loads of house and shop clearance goodies as well as old radiators, doors, fireplaces and sinks. When I first moved to Brockley I would visit there every week and always came away with some beautiful old letter for a bargain price. Now when I visit there doesn’t seem to be so many of these classic wood, metal or plaster letters but an awful lot of plastic ones spelling out Starbucks or Wetherspoons, which kinda takes the romance out of them. I would much rather imagine my letters came from H.H Croft & Sons Grocers & General Store.
4. It’s in beautiful Gill. A font designed in 1926 by Eric Gill used everywhere from Penguin books to the BBC. It is most commonly mistaken as the font of the London Underground when in fact that font is called Johnston. Look at the difference in the W!

5. Good words that begin with H: Hurrah, humdinger and hatchback.


Today’s post is bought to you by the letter B.

B Facts

1. This letter B is also about 22cm tall, I think this may be the standard height for ‘display letters’. 22cm is in typography terms 623.6220474 points*
2. It’s made of wood and covered in material that is slightly padded, so though it is soft to the touch it still leaves a nasty bruise if it falls from a shelf onto you toe. Fact.
3. My lovely friend Lady Berridge bought it for me from the U S of A about six years ago. She got it from Anthropologie in New York and said the B stood for ‘Queen Bee’ which apparently I was. You can still get similar ones from Anthropologie here
4. It’s in good old Helvetica Black (possibly Extended). Yum.
5. Good words that begin with B: Bonza, brouhaha and butler (preferably a monkey one).

*In typography points are the universally used measurement of size. A letter that is 1cm high is 28 pts.

Today’s post is bought to you by the letter L.

L Facts

1. This letter L is about 22cm tall
2. It’s made of wood and plasticoated in a brilliant pink colour
3. I bought it from the glorious TK Maxx in the wonderful Lewisham.
4. According to font identification forum What the Font it’s in a font called Amasis
5. Good words that begin with L: love, limpet and Lou-Lou.
6. It had a starring role in our Everything Alice craft book