There’s a world of craft out there and Valentines day seems to inspire so very many pink, fluffy, sparkly projects that Do Not make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I’ve had a little look round the interweb and found these simple clever little makes that Do make me happy. Click on the links to go to the sites for the How-To …

1. heart shaped paperclips by



2. heart doilys from



3. Valentines clip art from

If you don’t know about this site it is A.Mazing. It’s a brilliant collection of royalty free images from Ye Olden Days that you can spend days scrolling through (partly because it’s So Great, partly because there are quite a lot of ads and things to scroll past, but it is worth it.) It also has crafty suggestions on what to do with the images and free downloadables (see below)





 4. paint chip heart garland from

There are loads of projects using the paint cards you get from DIY stores at  the moment. It’s such a genius idea. There’s definitely a blogpost about them coming up soon.



and finally there’s always this little gem…

5. origami heart by


I do have a little something up my sleeve for actual Valentines day … get your Postit notes at the ready …


Similar but not the same as last weeks ribbon flag project and the two would work wonderfully well in conjunction with each other; this lovely large banner of flags adorning a gorgeously iced birthday cake surrounded by millions of flag topped cupcakes. Yum.

The method of making this banner is pretty much the same as the flags. See here for the step by steps. I used two lollipop sticks wrapped in Washi tape (what’s Washi tape? This is Washi tape) and wrapped the flags around a piece of embroidery thread. I fixed the thread to the lollipop sticks using a bead and a pretty pin. Job done.

; Hurrah for Team GB and and all our wonderfulness! I’m not sure if this little lady should carry the flag at the closing ceremony but if you want to adorn your celebratory cupcakes, sandwiches, pies or pretty much anything you can stick a pointy stick in then here is a quick and simple make that will take you seconds! If you need some ribbons then the wonderful people at Jane Means ribbons have a beautiful array. enjoy!

And next Friday there’s another mini ribbon make. Hurrah.


Some may say 9am is too early for cake. Not I. To me cake is a perfectly fine food for any meal. My favourite Christmas breakfast is warm Christmas cake (in the microwave for seconds so the marzipan and icing gets hot but not melted) and natural yoghurt (see, it is healthy).

Here is a cake of joy and surprise which Hannah created for our book Everything Oz. She has been kind enough to share the recipe and instructions on her blog the wonderful Couture Craft. So if you have a special occasion this weekend that deserve a rather special cake then head over to her blog and have a go yourself…

Once you’ve got the basic method sorted then there’s no end to the colour combos you can do with the cake… Graduated blues from dark to pale, alternate pink and chocolate stripes, a pastel version. Every time a different surprise when the recipient cuts into the cake.

Er. YUM!

Click here for the recipe and step by step photos.