Today’s the day that the third and fourth books in Quadrilles Simple Makes series hit the shelves. First off it’s Scissors, Paper, Craft (which you may have noticed me mentioning) written and styled by moi and secondly (but of equal importance) is the lovely Hook, Line and Crochet by Ros Badger a delightful book of 20 cute and quirky crochet projects. (more of which later)


Scissors, Paper, Craft is my favourite book so far, it uses the most humble of materials to make some really exciting projects. There’s 30 different things to make ranging from simple animals made from one piece of A4 and lovely little garlands and bunting to more elaborate feather mobiles, light up water lillies and a little bit of Japanese book binding too. There are giant paper bows perfect for decorating your house for a party … a step on from the tissue paper pom pom and cute little bird boxes with post-it note roofs and a place to keep your paperclips.


Anyhoo, to celebrate the launch of Scissors, Paper, Craft I have a signed copy of the book for the person who can tell me what craft topic they would like to see in a Simple Makes book. So far we’ve had Embroidery, Felt makes, Papercraft, Crochet and coming up next spring are books on Printing and Knitting. (I’ll be picking a winner at random in a weeks time so any comment you leave in the comment box will be counted as an entry (be kind!). Remember to follow the blog too as then you’ll be the first in the the know for more upcoming giveaways and competitions)

Marie had lovely things to say about the new book, they’ve also got pictures of some other projects. Click below to read …

marie claire

Right I’m off to do some aformentioned printing. Good luck!


Hullo. So next Thursday my next book from the Simple Makes range by Quadrille Craft is hitting the shops (YAY). I think this one is my favourite yet. I love working with paper as it’s so versatile. You don’t need many resources and materials to create something brilliant! Like maybe this mirror made from simple brown paper …


Project from Scissors, Paper, Craft

or these Pigeon Post organisers who will look cute on your office wall and keep your important notes safe tucked under their wings.


Project from Scissors, Paper, Craft

One of the first projects I did for the book were these simple paper animals, inspired by my holidays in Colorado at the amazing Zapata Ranch.


To celebrate the launch of the book I’ve taken the Momma Deer shown here and made her into a special edition free printable AND the star of her own ‘making of’ video!

To download and make your own click here


And watch the ‘how to’ video below…



For more information on the book and a look inside click here.

flower garland

There are two pages in my book Felt Sew Good that really make me happy, I think it’s because there’s a lovely coming together of styling, photography and type. These pages are both instructionals, one teaches you how to make a variety of flowers (the above project is also from the book) and the other how to make feathers.


click to download PDF


click to download PDF

Once you’ve mastered these simple skills then there’s no end to the things you can make! I’ve put together a Pinterest page here with lots of inspiring pictures of flowery/feathery things that you could easily make versions of with a little time and imagination (and if you don’t want to get crafty then lots of them are for sale)

pinterest feather flower inspiration

click for pinterest

At the top of my list is making a festival headdress, one day I hope to get round to it.


new books2

Having read all your wonderful entries for my ‘Win a Book’ comp I have chosen Julie and Karen to be the winners as both their comments sounded just like something I have done (and still do!). Karen started a Fairy Cross stitch project for her daughters nursery, apparently her daughter is now 26 and it still isn’t finished! and Julie made an applique cushion which she then proceeded to sew up the wrong way round so all her hard work was hidden inside… this is something I do on a pretty regular basis.

Lots of you seem to enjoy crochet and knitting, these are two things I really can’t get my head around, but since working on Hook, Line & Crochet (a new title in the Simple Makes series out August) I have picked up the basics and can just about double crochet now. Abs’ crochet poncho sounds like a very ‘fashion forward’ piece and Lesley 1202 even had a crochet pattern published in Inside Crochet. Suan Watts has just picked up her knitting needles after 30 years and has knitted a coat for her grandson and good luck to MissMelvis who has just learnt to knit (there’s a Simple Makes knitting book out in 2014 which is going to have some lovely projects in!)

There’s been embroidery with a broken wrist (Hannah Whitling), Sarah’s Dairy Free Birthday Cake experimentations, an amazing sounding Escape Proof Ferret House (ooh Hannah Whitling again!), Sian Hallewell’s Tooth Fairy Teds sound super cute and I really want to see Jayne B’s Boy George Doll complete with dreds.

There seems to be more disasters than achievements But like Tammy Tudor and Harders 59 say: There are no mistakes, just new innovations and you can get away with a lot if you just style it out!

As a little thank you to you all for entering I will be posting a project from one of the books on Friday.

P.S. Julie and Karen  email me your addresses and if you’d like Little Sew and Sew or Felt Sew Good and i’ll get the books out to you quick smart