Halloween pompom skulls sewyeah

There’s nothing remotely scary about these fluffy multicoloured skull pompoms. They make great Halloween decorations strung together into a garland, or you could hand them out as gifts to the visiting Trick or Treaters. Find out how to make them below …


You will need: 2 shades of wool – loveknitting.com have a lovely selection of yarns by a new brand Paintbox – their DK makes really lovely pompoms. A 7cm pompom maker, scissors.


Starting in the middle of a 7cm PomPom maker wind 5 wraps of pink wool to the right. Make sure the wraps lie flat next to each other rather than overlapping. Next wind 3 wraps back to the left – then 2 wraps to the right and 1 wrap back to the left – You want to build up a rough wedge shape which will become the nose. The picture below shows the maker from the top and you can see how the wool is wider towards the bottom than the top.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 1 halloween pompom skull sewyeah 2


Then wrap 8 wraps of white wool below the pink, try and wrap these close together only 2 or 3 wraps wide.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 3


Then repeat with the pink wool for 8 wraps.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 4


Wind the white wool for 50 wraps back and forth between the left hand side of the maker and just over the bridge of the nose.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 5

To make the eyes wrap 40 wraps of pink wool back and forth in decreasing widths. Start with 10 wraps side by side then reduce the width back and forth for 30 more wraps. Again you can see in the overhead view that the pink bulges out towards the middle.
halloween pompom skull sewyeah 6halloween pompom skull sewyeah 7Fill the rest of the PomPom maker half with white wool. halloween pompom skull sewyeah 8Then fill the second half with white wool too. Close the maker.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 9



Make the PomPom by cutting through all the layers of wool then tie a length of wool between the makers, pull tight and tie a single knot. Then wrap the wool back between the makers, pull tight and tie a double knot on the other side.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 10


Remove the Pom from the maker.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 11


To make the skull shape first cut two big chops at the cheek bone area – this Pom looks best when he is closely cropped! So don’t be afraid to chop away!

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 12


Trim across his face and around his head. Keep going till you are happy with his shape.

halloween pompom skull sewyeah 13halloween pompom skull sewyeah 14



halloween pompom skulls neon sewyeah


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