sewyeah straw garlands main 2

I don’t know about you but I love paper straws but hate that they only get one chance for being useful – then they’re all soggy bottom and top and destined for the bin.  I’ve come up with a fun way to use the nice dry bit in the middle (you can obviously use brand new straws too!) to make these garlands. A touch on the small side but nonetheless they look cute and quirky and are perfect for cake toppers or decorations for presents.  Also hung together in lots of strings they can be pretty impactful.

sewyeah straw garlands main 1

You will need

Coloured straws: try Talking Tables, Hema or Flying Tiger for a lovely assortment, Scissors, needle and thread – I used a pretty gold yarn from 

Take an assortment of straws and chop into various lengths ranging from 2 to 5cm.

sewyeah straw garlands 1


Then take the needle and thread and feed on the straw sections. Make sure you mix up the colours and patterns. Either thread through the straw lengthways (using the existing hole)…

sewyeah straw garlands 2sewyeah straw garlands 3

… or push the needle through the middle of each straw widthways.

sewyeah straw garlands 5sewyeah straw garlands 6

Display! It’s as simple as that.