sewyeah Velcro Brand flowers

Last weekend was awesome! I spent three days at The Handmade Fair in Hampton Wick. The fair was full of like minded people selling craft, buying craft, looking at craft, quite frankly eating, sleeping and making craft. It was exhausting but also exhilarating, chatting to a lot of lovely people about a very lovely passtime.

I was there working with VELCRO® Brand to help them show how handy their product is when it comes to crafting. They have a whole host of different product for different uses – for fabric, for hanging things off walls and even small strips to hold your Orchids up!


Sewyeah at the handmade fair 2016

Throughout the day I was teaching workshops making faux leather (or pleather; plastic leather you see!) flowers that could be fixed to clothes, bookmarks or headbands using VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics. Sometimes there was one or two people sitting around the table, sometimes a small group but every afternoon I ran a Grand Make teaching around 250 people how to make a simple flower headband.

Before my first workshop I thought I would be really nervous and shaky but in reality when I donned my headset mike and walked up onto the stage I loved it! I really enjoyed seeing people make something for the first time and to see them take my idea and begin creating their own versions of it.

sewyeah workshops

sew yeah Handmade fair 2016

I had so many people come up to me afterwards to say they had really enjoyed the project and couldn’t wait to share it with their church group, their Brownie pack or their craft club that I promised that I would share a step by step on my blog … and here it is …

Flower Power Bookmark

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 1

You will need

4 different shades of pleather (also sometimes called Vegan Leather) or felt (try Etsy or your local fabric shop), one paper fastener per flower, pen, scissors, plastic cup (or anything with a 7cm diameter) VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics (this comes in ovals or 60 cm lengths), 50cm length of 2cm wide coloured elastic.


To make one flower

Decide what colour you want your two large sets of petals to be. Take this pleather, turn it over so the wrong side is facing up and then draw around the plastic cup on both pieces.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 2

Cut out the two circles

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 3

Take one of the circle and fold it in quarters so the wrong side is showing.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 4

Place the folded circle on a flat surface with your thumb on top. Draw around your thumb, this creates the Petal shape. (See diagram here)

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 5

Cut around the drawn line and open the pleather up. You should have four petals.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 6

Repeat with your second colour of pleather. If ther are any bits of your petals that look a bit rough or wonky now is the time to trim and tidy them up.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 7

Take each set of petals, fold in half and may a tiny snip cut in the middle. – this is to insert the paper fastener later.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 8

To make the spiky bits. Take your third colour of pleather, cut a rough 3cm square

I don't know why the backgrounds suddenly gone purple!


Fold this in quarters with the wrong side showing and draw a point shape away from the folded corner and start half way up the sides. (See diagram here)

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 10

Cut out the spikes and open up – you should have a four pointed star.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 11

Fold your star back in half and cut another small snip in the middle as before

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 12

Finally cut a small circle about the size of a penny from your fourth colour. Again cut a small snip in the middle as before.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower13

Layer up your flower parts in the order of petals 1, spikes, petals 2, flower middle.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 14

Take a paper fastener and insert it through the holes of all the flower parts. Do not open the fasteners legs yet.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 15

Take the elastic and at one end make a fold about 1cm from the end and cut a little snip.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 16

Insert the paper fastener through this hole and then open its legs to secure. Cut two 1cm squares from the VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics. Make sure you have one that is smooth and one that is hooked and rough.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 18

Stick one half over the metal legs and the elastic

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 19

Take the flower and elastic and wrap it around you chosen book. Pull the elastic fairly taught and overlap the non flower end with the flower end by about 3 cm.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 20

Place the other piece of Stick On For Fabrics onto the elastic. Press and hold for 30 seconds to secure the bond, then trim away the excess fabric.

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 21

Fasten the two pieces of elastic together and you are done!

SEWYEAH pleather fabric flower 22


If you want an eight petal flower draw a heart shape on your folder pleather circle. (See diagram here) this one always takes a bit of trimming to make look neat.

eight petal flower sewyeah

If you want a smaller flower in the centre rather than a circle, repeat steps 3 and 4 but use the other end of the plastic cup (or something that measures 5cm diameter) and draw around your little finger and not your thumb.

small center flower sewyeah

There are loads of other ways you can customise your flowers- try using pinking shears for  crinkly edge, or experiment with different shape petals – once you get going you’ll realise there’s a whole Flower shows worth of blooms you can create! I made this Jumper using the VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics to attach each flower – this means I can remove all the flowers to wash the jumper and then stick them back on when its dry. I wore it everyday at the fair and it got loads of lovely comments.

christine leech Sewyeah flower jumper

PS: Pleather is my new favourite material – it has all the good points of felt – non fraying, bright colours easy to sew but you can also get it in fluro colours and metallics. LOVE IT!