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I love these tassels! They are super easy to make and are a really nice way to adorn anything from bags to cushions and curtain tiebacks. As they are made with garden string they are a bit more robust than ones made from wool. I have two tied to my back door key and the keys for the summer house. They are so large and bright that I never have to worry about losing them …

To make your own simply follow the steps below.

you will need

String I’ve used one from Nutscene, they have loads of bright and cheery colours to choose from and these rolls are £3.60 each.
Gold thread or thin ribbon
Bleach (economy toilet bleach is fine)
Small china bowl
Piece of card approx 13cm tall

Tassel step 1

one: Choose your twine


Tassel step 2

two: Wrap the twine around the piece of card about 30 times


Tassel step 3

three: slide another piece of twine under the top loops and tie a tight double knot.

Tassel step 4

four: remove from the card and then wrap the gold yarn or thin ribbon around the tassel about 2cm from the top. Tie with a double knot.


Tassel step 5

five: cut the bottom loops of the tassel and shake free.


Tassel step 6

six: fill a small bowl with about 5cm of neat bleach. Dip the end of the tassel in. Be careful of your eyes and clothing!!


Tassel step 7

seven: keep checking the tassel till you are happy with the level of bleaching. Some colours of twine work better than others and some take longer to bleach … I don’t know why the pink one bleaches in weird stripes … but it’s cool that it does.



eight: leave to dry then fluff up ends.

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