Paper straw valentines arrow sewyeah

Looking for an alternative idea for your Valentines Day cards this year? This simple craft project is super quick and easy to make. It also has a secret love message hidden inside …

thin coloured cardpaper straws
craft knife and cutting matt or scissors
arrow head and tail template (click here for download)
little bit of washi/masking tape.


valentines arrow step 3

one: download, print and cut out the arrow head and tail template. Draw round or tape it to a piece of coloured card.


valentines arrow step 4

two: Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out.

Valentines arrow step5

three: Slide the arrow head onto one of the paper straws


Valentines arrow step 6

four: write a secret love message on the tail.


valentines arrow step 7

five: Slide the straw onto the paper tail


valentines arrow step 8

six: tad-ah! One complete arrow, Make one for each of your Valentines! or make a bundle for your loved one with a special message, favour or promise written in each …


valentines arrow paper straw craft project