I just had to share this perfect Halloween craft project with you. I’ve been busy working on a secret pom pom project but these two couldn’t wait to get out into the big wide world and start scaring people (yeah right, who are they kidding).

In the world of pom pom making then these are a bit more involved than you basic one colour ones but I’ve tried to make the step by steps clear. Remember when it comes to pom poms then it’s all in the trimming, poms can look pretty dire when they first come out of the maker but get snipping with some sharp scissors and all will become clear… You can also move individual strands of wool within the pompom with the tips of your scissors or a needle to get the perfect pompkin expression…

If you don’t have any plastic makers then the truly remarkable Mr Printables has some instructions on how to make your own cardboard ones (plus loads of other cool stuff).


and if all that’s not spooky enough for you then head over to Instyle.co.uk  where you have the chance to WIN the bespoke sweatshirt I made for this months Make Do & Trend craft page. bat-sweatshirt

Don’t worry if you don’t win. You could always have a go at making one yourself with their handy step by step guide.