There’s a world of craft out there and Valentines day seems to inspire so very many pink, fluffy, sparkly projects that Do Not make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I’ve had a little look round the interweb and found these simple clever little makes that Do make me happy. Click on the links to go to the sites for the How-To …

1. heart shaped paperclips by



2. heart doilys from



3. Valentines clip art from

If you don’t know about this site it is A.Mazing. It’s a brilliant collection of royalty free images from Ye Olden Days that you can spend days scrolling through (partly because it’s So Great, partly because there are quite a lot of ads and things to scroll past, but it is worth it.) It also has crafty suggestions on what to do with the images and free downloadables (see below)





 4. paint chip heart garland from

There are loads of projects using the paint cards you get from DIY stores at  the moment. It’s such a genius idea. There’s definitely a blogpost about them coming up soon.



and finally there’s always this little gem…

5. origami heart by


I do have a little something up my sleeve for actual Valentines day … get your Postit notes at the ready …


It’s that time of year again, when it snows and we freeze and Fashion starts to tell us what we will be wearing when it stops snowing and we thaw out. Over at Marie Claire we’ve been slaving away to make another delicious edition of our fashion bible Runway.

Inspired by next seasons trends and also the 60’s design movement known as Supergraphics this issues design is bright, bold and striking. I made this Pinterest board for inspiration.

Like fashion Marie Claire Runway is …





educational (er, i’m sure you can learn important life lessons from a skirt)


informative (again, trousers have a lot to say if only we’d listen)


and fun


Unlike fashion Marie Claire Runway is in the shops for a limited period from today so go get yours NOW!

My pots

I do like a nice bit of storage. I think it’s because I’m a bit of a hoarder and keeping the stickers I got when I was 12, the Really-Important-Pebble-from-that-lovely-beach-that-I can’t-quite-remember-where-it-was-but-it-definitely-can’t-go-in-the-bin and all my other bits and bobs hidden away in a selection of jars and pots make me feel like I am holding some semblance of order over my home.

Mixing old and new jars and canisters is a good way to avoid ending up with a Magnet Showroom style kitchen and reusing food containers with pretty packaging is a nice recycling touch; granted my friends do look at me funny when I transport (clean) used yoghurt pots home in my suitcase from holidays in France, but the design is so good.

Anyway my latest addition to my kitchen is the blue lidded jar in the center of the picture above.  Ages ago I saw these cute little spice jars in Anthropologie selling for around £10, which are beautiful and I love the ornate detail around the chalkboard.

anthropologie chalkboard_jars3

But then I saw these in Matalan and they’re bigger and cheaper at 18cm high and only £5 each. Hurrah.


Shame you don’t get a stick of chalk with them … Where do you buy chalk these days?

Also on my shopping list are these little beauties

Nice storage jars
From left; Bloomingville Carla Storage Jars, £12
Sagaform Keep Storage Jar, £15.66
Jonathan Adler Candy Storage Jar £138
Cream Crackers by Wayne Hemmingway £12


Hurrah. I’ve finally done it … I have finished one room in The New House. It’s only taken me … ooh about four months. I started so well; painting, carpeting and getting the bed delivered and built all within a couple of weeks of moving in but then there seemed to be a lull when life and work took over.

When I first saw the house it looked like this.


But I didn’t need bunk beds or more wardrobes, just a nice space that could be an office or a spare room. I chose this room to decorate first because it was small and manageable with no wallpaper to remove, just a quick paint job, new carpet and a few little bits and bobs and it’d be good to go.

Regular visitors to the blog will notice the odd cushion or bin that are now in their final resting places, other pieces came from Ikea or were recycled, reclaimed or customised. I painted the walls in Potters Clay by Dulux from Homebase and polka dotted the two shorter ones with white vinyl that I got from the local hardware shop.

TOP TIP hand cut wall murals are easy to make using vinyls that are often found on the high street (maybe more commonly known as sticky backed plastic, well, it is if Blue Peter was your crafting Mecca when you were younger (click here if you want to know how to make a Blakes7 bracelet)). I drew round the inside of a masking tape roll for my polka dots and cut them out with scissors. If you are going for a more elaborate design don’t forget to draw your design in reverse on the back of the vinyl so it is the right way round when you stick it up. Oh and something I’ve learned the hard way… Don’t put the mural up on freshly painted walls. It’s best to wait two or three weeks for the paint to dry fully otherwise when you want to remove the mural the paint will come with it. (One way or another my walls will now always be spotted.)

Here are some more facts.


BED I didn’t want my spare room to be filled with a double bed for the odd occasion when someone would be sleeping in it and I knew I’d need lots of storage so this Hemnes Day Bed from Ikea was perfect. It had three massive drawers in its base that are now filled with my fabric collection and pulls out to be a huge comfortable double bed. The bed cost £260 and the two mattresses were £80 each. I changed the original knobs on the drawers for ones bought from Tiger and the Orla Kiely bedlinen is from TK Maxx.


CUSHIONS TK Maxx on the left and Matalan on the right. Couldn’t say if the TK Maxx one is still in store but you can still buy the Matalan one for £8 here. The carved wooden angel wings were a gift from my sister and were £35 from CoxandCox


CHAIR I found this chair in a charity shop in Sydenham when I was on my way to a friends for coffee. It wasn’t super fun getting it home on the train but I did have somewhere to sit. One day soon I will do a tutorial on how to upholster chairs like this.


CURTAINS I’ve decided that it’s best to try and only have two things from Ikea in any one room, that way your home will retain some individuality. I’m not saying I’m going to stick to that rule but I’m going to try! These curtains were just £25 from Ikea. They were ridiculously long when I put them up, so I had to cut about 50cm off the bottom. I made these tiebacks with the spare fabric and trimmed them with £2 a meter pom pom trim from my local fabric shop. The old owners of the house left all their curtain poles so rather than changing this one I simply painted it white.


DESK Here is the bin that was a blog post a little while ago and here is a chair that I found in the street. It has lived in my garden for about three years but even though its been rained, snowed and hailed upon it’s still remarkably sturdy. All it took was a little bit of filling, a lot of sanding and a nice coat of paint and it’s as good as new. The pinboard I made for a shoot and I’m going to show you how in the next couple of weeks.

I love this room. It gives me hope that one day the rest of the house will be as nice.