Today’s the day that the third and fourth books in Quadrilles Simple Makes series hit the shelves. First off it’s Scissors, Paper, Craft (which you may have noticed me mentioning) written and styled by moi and secondly (but of equal importance) is the lovely Hook, Line and Crochet by Ros Badger a delightful book of 20 cute and quirky crochet projects. (more of which later)


Scissors, Paper, Craft is my favourite book so far, it uses the most humble of materials to make some really exciting projects. There’s 30 different things to make ranging from simple animals made from one piece of A4 and lovely little garlands and bunting to more elaborate feather mobiles, light up water lillies and a little bit of Japanese book binding too. There are giant paper bows perfect for decorating your house for a party … a step on from the tissue paper pom pom and cute little bird boxes with post-it note roofs and a place to keep your paperclips.


Anyhoo, to celebrate the launch of Scissors, Paper, Craft I have a signed copy of the book for the person who can tell me what craft topic they would like to see in a Simple Makes book. So far we’ve had Embroidery, Felt makes, Papercraft, Crochet and coming up next spring are books on Printing and Knitting. (I’ll be picking a winner at random in a weeks time so any comment you leave in the comment box will be counted as an entry (be kind!). Remember to follow the blog too as then you’ll be the first in the the know for more upcoming giveaways and competitions)

Marie had lovely things to say about the new book, they’ve also got pictures of some other projects. Click below to read …

marie claire

Right I’m off to do some aformentioned printing. Good luck!

18 thoughts on “hurrah! a new book deserves a new competition

  1. thetreasurehunteruk

    Looks amazing, like the others. Just ordered my copy!

    For a new book, how about making things with beads (not just jewellery); or simple jewellery projects (that don’t involve soldering etc); or papier mache made cool; or Fimo modelling clay made cool…?

  2. Ruth Procter

    The book looks great – think I’ll have to add it to my wish list! As for new book topics, how about patchwork/quilting? Or maybe paper/fabric flowers? Or something like different projects centered on buttons (jewellery, using them in embroidery etc.) – everyone loves buttons after all!

  3. muymajobv

    looks like an amazing book! I just found about you through a friend (Wendy) and I’m already in love with the layout of your blog and the styling of your new book’s cover. I’m a craft maniac and I’d love to add your book to my collection and try your projects out (I want those paper bows/stars). I’m def following your blog and you from now on… don’t want to miss anything )

  4. Zarina

    What a beautiful book, I’d love to get my hands on a copy!

    As for a new category, Id’ be very interested in seeing books on sewing, jewellery making and upcycling furniture/home accessories.

  5. stitchnmaille

    Looks like a great book ^_^ Will definitely have to get my hands on a copy if I have no luck here! I think yu have most of my favourite things covered… but how about baking? Always a good choice 🙂 With sections on decorating your cakes with cute homemade toppers and ribbons?

  6. Rosielocks

    Lovely looking book and I love making things from paper! The little preview with the mirror surround has inspired me! I don’t have a new craft suggestion but how about a seasonal one? I like to try different things out and a book full of different Christmas crafts might be nice. (Christmas is my favourite haha!)

  7. Lisa

    Would love a book that has projects for scrap material. I’ve loads of odd bits left over from dressmaking projects and would love some great ideas!

  8. Making Strangers

    I’d love to see a book with simple makes with wood, as I’ve just whittled my own whistle using a knife and a stick, and love wood crafts that are simple enough to do with kids.

  9. katy mckinney

    I love the previews of your book. I would be very interested in a book about simple printing techniques in the future, for material and paper with a view to cushion covers, wrapping paper, cards etc. Goodluck with the launch of this

  10. makingmondays

    I’m a big fan of creative gift packaging, everything from wrapping paper to gift bags to cards to bows! I love your blog and i can only imagine how lovely your gifts must look.

  11. Jennifer Davies

    The paper projects look fab – I can just imagine the giant bows made from foil wrapping paper for Christmas!

    For a future title, I’d like to see basic mosaic making.

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