kate spade bags

I love Kate Spade; the fun, quirky, New York based fashion brand – I love the colours, the patterns, the quirky little messages hidden on almost every product. I will travel to the ends of the earth to get my hands on a bright yellow Kate Spade handbag (well, Colorado) and whenever I feel like I deserve a little treat I go and visit their Covent Garden store to gaze at the trinkets and baubles (and then decide I deserve a treat but maybe not such an expensive treat and go down the road to H&M). But my Spade collection is gradually growing and just when I think they can do no more they launch Saturday.com

Saturday website

Saturday.com is the younger, more casual sibling of Kate Spade, full of bright prints and kooky homewares. Here are some of my faves.

Saturday stuff

What I don’t love about Kate Spade and Saturday is that they don’t deliver to the UK so though every week I get tempted by emails in my inbox about amazing 75% off sales and beautiful new products in store now! It means nothing to me. Sadness.