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Pegboards have finally been allowed out of the garage where they so magnificently organised all the ‘man stuff’ and have been welcomed into the home, into our kitchens and Craft Rooms (oh to have a Craft Room, it’d be right down the hall from the Present Wrapping Room). Painted bright colours and used to organise our pots and pans, our ribbons and our scissors, pegboards are the choice of the neat freak homeowner.




Having acquired an old one from my dads garage I found it invaluable above my work table so I could always hang my scissors, knives, and tapes up out of the way to keep the table clear for actual work. (They used to be swept from the table onto the floor with a great sweeping arm when I ran out of space.) It just wasn’t that pretty so I decided to make a nicer one using an old picture frame and some paint…

bedroom pegboard

and here’s how I did it …

picture frame pegboard

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It’s super simple.. the hardest part was sourcing the pegboard itself. I tried all the obvious places – B&Q, Homebase, Wickes – but no one had any. I tried online where I had more success but the delivery costs ended up being twice the price of the board. Eventually I tried good old Yellow Pages (or as they are now) and found a local timber yard Catford Timber  who not only sold me a massive sheet of pegboard for around £18 they also cut it to size so I didn’t look like a complete idiot carrying it on the bus home… (they do do free delivery for South East London).

Having made this one (and having So Much board left) I then tasked my dad to make me one for the kitchen with a shelf beneath. Instead of a frame this one has four pieces of 2cm thick baton nailed to the back, so it stands proud of the wall.

pegboard closeup

I’ve not yet managed to get any proper pegboard hooks so I’ve made do with some ‘s’ hooks, Washi tape covered clothes pegs and different sized bull dog clips held in place with paper fasteners. I love them and their organising powers.

For more inspiration visit my Pinterest page

pinterest pegboards

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  2. Rebecca Douglas Photography

    Your post has saved me from going on a fruitless crusade! Thanks so much! I am looking for this for a project and I live in Kent and happen to be going to Greenwich tomorrow so I can pop in and get some!! You’re a legend and I love your projects! Thanks so much! xx

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