kitchen before

So this is what my kitchen looked like when I moved in 10 months ago. It had been built in the side return but badly; the kitchen units were fixed to next doors wall, the wall at the end was built with air bricks so very chilly and the roof was plastic so Really Noisy when it rained. The picture above is shot from the dining room through the ‘serving hatch’ which was actually just the old external window. Nice.

Next to the kitchen was a small room which I was using as my craft room. Ideally I wanted the wall between this and the kitchen removed, french doors put in and some sort of glass roof. Then the builders turned up and did this …

kitchen during

Aye carumba. Above this small brick column that seems to be holding the entire back of the house up is my bathroom. I did a lot of tip toeing around and had no baths during this time.

Then this happened …

kitchen after

Oh hello lovely kitchen. It’s not quite finished yet but I thought if I waited to post till that happened the internet might be defunct.

(The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that I still haven’t finished painting the garden fence but it keeps either raining or being too hot. One day soon. I promise.)

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