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I’ve just been at the publishers busy signing copies of my books. We had a nice little production line set up and all was going well until I tried to make conversation and sign at the same time then I ended up writing not my name but whatever it was that I was chatting about. Fool.

Anyway I’ve got two of my books (signed correctly and all the words spelt right) to give away to two lucky people. To be in with a chance of winning follow my blog and post a comment below telling me of either your greatest crafting triumph or failure or just say hello! I’ll pick two winners on the 12th of July. Good Luck

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To see more about the books go here and to read some completely impartial and lovely reviews check out these blogs craftitbakeit and ideasandinspirations

book signing

42 thoughts on “bonza book bonanza! Win a copy of Felt Sew Good or Little Sew & Sew

  1. Julie Evans

    My greatest crafting failure was when I made my first ever cushion! I appliqued a heart onto it and seewwed it all together! But when I came to turn it out I had done it all inside out! I had been so proud of my achievement and then felt like an iodit! Although I was reassured that lots of experienced crafters can still do it! xx

  2. stitchnmaille

    I think my greatest achievement was making my first pattern, making everything from scratch, taking my own measurements, and it actually turning out how I wanted it to 🙂 I was very proud of myself.

  3. Nicole Twena

    I’ve had too many crafting mishaps to remember (not so good at adhering to the the ‘measure twice, cut once’ advice). I love your books – thanks for the chance to win one!

  4. Naomi de Vries

    My new achievement is that i started to cross stich, which i never done in my life. I had many mishaps with this(getting knots in my thread, started to get all tangled on the back) some times i didn’t count properly, so had to start all over again, but i really like it! With sewing as well made many mistakes, the most difficult i find is putting zips in garments…. you think you put it nice and straight and it is all over the place! But as well it is nice to do and very relaxing!

  5. Alison Ruane

    I have been knitting a patchwork cushion for the last three years one small square at a time. I only seem to get around to doing it when I’m on holiday – it will be a great success one day!

  6. Anna Middleton

    I think my greatest crafting achievements were not particularly fancy, but were more meaningful because I remember spending time with my grandparents when I was a child. We would be given the Ladybird craft books and we’d make things together as a family. I remember helping decorate the house one Christmas and we kept the decorations to put up each year. We’d go foraging for holly and ivy for centrepieces. Wonderful to share special, creative moments with loved ones. 🙂

  7. Lucy

    I was so disappointed with the flimsy plastic cover for my new sewing machine I made one from scratch with some seeing themed fabric! I was so pleased with myself! 🙂

  8. Jenny

    I recently went on a sewing machine course and managed to sew my fabric the wrong way round. I didn’t need a sewing machine course, I needed a sewing for dummies course!

  9. Penny

    Biggest disaster was a frame top make up bag made up of no less than 12 layers of fabric in parts (!) – The glue got everywhere and there was a gap at the sides where it wouldn’t fit into the frame! Oh well, I’ve had some great results too 🙂

  10. Heather Haigh

    I’m a totally novice crafter and have tried my hand at a few things. A knitted poncho and crochet flower are my best successes to date. Still trying to get to grips with my sewing machine and my attempts at card making would have been outshone by kids at the local primary. Definately a mixed bag.

  11. Stephanie Tsang

    Hi. I am following you. I’m terrible at all kinds of craft, but my sister is brilliant at anything crafty, so I would love to win this book for my sister.

  12. MissMelvis

    I just learned to knit, something I’ve struggled with in the past so that’s my greatest crafty achievement and fingers crossed I get better at it with practice! x

  13. Ellie Gray

    I always make mistakes, only sew since sept, did some cross stitch since I was little. No-one is perfect!

  14. suan watts

    I’ve just finished a matinee coat for my future grandson. Didn’t know if I could remember how as it is 30 years since I had knitted. Enjoyed the experience and am now raring to go on other projects.

  15. Anna Chesterton

    My biggest craft disaster was a cross stitch sampler I started for the birth of my friend’s son. I just couldn’t get into it and four years on it still wasn’t finished! In the end my mum finished it off and gave it to someone else as a christening present! Whoops!

  16. Karen Barrett

    I started a Fairy cross stitch project for my Daughters Nursery, she is now twenty six and I still intend to finish it… maybe for her daughter :o)

  17. sian hallewell

    I’m currently sewing baby stuff for my soon to arrive grandson, all with dinousaur theme. I’ve done a nappy stacker (pretty pleased with myself as no pattern) and still to do are the baby quilts and whatever you call the thing you hang on the side of the cot with pockets in it for bits and pieces – currently awaiting on poppers arriving for that.
    also pretty pleased with some little teds, about hand size, that have a pocket on their front with hand embroidered name and tooth. Two made, and two to go, so each grandchild will have one. You pop your tooth in for the tooth fairy to find! Sewn out of felt for anyone interested.

  18. Kasia (kejtiss)

    My greatest crafting achievements – my first flower. It encouraged me to do more and more for myself. 🙂
    There aren’t good books in Polish about felt. Yours would help me to meet the felt world 🙂

  19. Lisa

    Was really pleased with my first attempt at buttonholes, on the whole they went really well. On the other hand my second attempt were a complete disaster!!!

  20. Hannah Goodwin

    I have been in a bit of a ‘cushion comfort zone’ for a few years so I eventually took the plunge and made stack & whack quilt which I loved doing! Now I am finally getting more and more adventurous, trying new skills and projects =]

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  22. abs

    My biggest failure was years ago, I tried to crochet a poncho and all was going well, I had a few rounds left and thought I would try it on to see how it was looking and then couldn’t figure out why it was straight across the back…I had only crocheted 3 points instead of 4 so it was kind of a triangle type shape. I had to undo the whole thing and start again, definitely a deep breath, put it down and do something else to take your mind off it moment! I eventually finished it but have never ever used it, ha ha.
    Thank you for the chance to win a book 😀

  23. Mrs Monkey

    Lots of sewing failures, including a lovely african wax tunic, fully lined, unfortunately had forgotten (or was too lazy) to wash the fabric before sewing, and the wax shrunk, but not the lining !! It is pretty much unwearable now… anyway would love to win your book as the projects look amazing and fun and colourful (if i don’t win it i will most certainly buy it !) *fingers crossed*

  24. Eugenia

    It’s always grand when I finish a project. Just like my reading habit, I like to start multiple books, I like to work on multiple craft projects simultaneously.. For 4th of July, we always make stepping stones, on road trips: embroidery, and for holidays a family project..painting.

  25. lesley1202

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your books! My 5 year old daughter is demanding a pair of winged felt booties she’s seen in my June copy of Cross Stitcher mag! I’m not sure whether she wants to wear them herself, or put them on her dolls tho’!

    My biggest crafting achievement was having a crochet pattern I wrote published in Inside Crochet magazine (still worried that I’ve peaked and it’s all downhill now, LOL!) On the down side, I completely fell out with my sewing machine about 4 years ago over my one and only attempt at quilting ……. we’re still scarcely on speaking terms!

  26. hannah oneill

    Making my own pillowcases for the bed was my greatest triumph! I couldn’t find the colour I wanted!

  27. Sarah

    My most recent crafting failure was a baking one. My son turned one last week and he was recently diagnosed with a milk allergy therefore I had a few cake baking failures in my search to make him a perfect first birthday cake. I wasn’t happy with any of the cakes but my little man happily ate them!

  28. emmafrances22

    My greatest crafting achievement has got to be designing a tractor pattern for my brother, getting the fabric printed and then making him a cushion for Christmas. He’s only 8, and he loved it!

  29. Rebecca Crombleholme

    My greatest crafting achievement so far has been the ‘Cute as a button’ earrings I made earlier this year, although my sewing skills are still leaving a lot to be desired…

  30. KatGotTheCream (@KatGotTheCream)

    I remember staying up to the early hours making stuff for a craft fair the next day only to realise (in my extreme fatigue) I’d sewn the labels on the wrong side. Grrr!
    Following the blog 🙂 Thanks katsharman at gmail dot com

  31. Helen Grayson

    My greatest success – It has to be my wall hanging I created when I was 16. It’s got little stars and tassels. It’s great for collecting all my little bits and pieces in two little pockets – one with buttons and one with velcro. 🙂 Still use it now 8 years later!

  32. Dawn Taverner

    I know its only a simple one but Ive only just started crafting and this was my first project! I have a 7 month old and a 2 year old (both boys) so when the youngest outgrew a really nice top I cut out the motif on the front and sewed it onto one of the 2yo’s plain tops – it turned out much better than i expected and didn’t take very long at all!! I was really pleased with myself – hand me ups instead of hand me downs! and when the little one gets to 2 he can wear the top again! 🙂

  33. annie

    Hello 🙂

    I’d love to win this prize – my husband bought me a sewing machine a couple of months ago and I’m still very much learning, The little projects in these books look so cute & I’d love to have a go at them.

    I’ve had quite a few disasters since I started sewing. Most recently I attempted to make a cushion, however when it came to sewing the zip in, I didn’t realise I had all of the materials folder over and had managed to sew everything together!! Still, my lovely husband came to the rescue and unpicked it all ready for me to start again – I don’t know what I’d do without him!

  34. Jayne B

    When I was around 12 I made a fantastic Boy George doll complete with a copy of the clothes and braided hair. I still have it somewhere in the loft

  35. Hannah Whitling

    On the sewing side of things my biggest triumph was completing a really complicated cross stitch that a neighbour asked me to do for a family member. At the time it was far bigger than any other cross stitch I had ever attempted, and had lots of similar colours, so loads of blues and greys, so took a while just to sort the threads in the first place. I was still in recovery from a badly broken wrist too so had to do it with my other had, meaning I was sooo slow! She was happy with it though.
    When I think about craft of any type, I was getting into making things with wood, and had a go at making a new bed for my ferrets, and I was, and still am, really pleased with the outcome. It’s escape proof, nice and big for them with plenty of different levels to put things on to entertain them, and completely enclosed areas for sleeping and areas that are just wire mesh so they can watch the world around them. Its also easy to clean out with the way I made the doors.

  36. jenny newby

    I have only recently started crafting & sewing. I had always wanted to make a patchwork quilt for my son’s and their future generations, So off i went bought all the kit and the most beautiful (and expensive) fabrics.
    I foolishly thought it would be a small fun project ( so so wrong)
    The quilt turned out awful, uneven and with a very bad first attempt at Applique !
    Lesson learned 🙁

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