Elderflower cordial

Homemade elderflower cordial is one of my favourite childhood memories. Mum used to make it every summer. It sat in the garage (seemingly for days) in an old 2-gallon ice cream tub, getting a stir (sip) from anyone who had to visit the garage for another reason … These were mainly: 1. Getting frozen veg from the massive chest freezer (my most hated job .. hate frozen veg, hate the sound of the ice in the freezer, ooh maybe they’re connected!) or 2. Dragging Dad away from which ever Man Project he was working on at the time.

Though you can buy lots of different types of Elderflower cordial these days there’s nothing quite like making your own. Thanks to the non existent spring (and apparently summer) there is still lots of blossom on the trees so get out there and pick some.

Elderflower steps

Top tips when making cordial

1. I made the last batch with 800 grams of sugar so it’s not so sweet.
2. Allow the syrup solution to cool before pouring over the flowers so they don’t turn brown (I didn’t do this so my cordial is a bit murky in colour… still tastes good though.)
3. Add 2 oz citric acid to the syrup before pouring over the flowers and lemons, this makes the cordial last longer.
4. If you are sterilizing bottles here’s how to do it
5. As I didn’t use citric acid I’m going to keep my cordial in icecube trays in the freezer then whenever I want a refreshing drink I can just pop a couple of cubes in a glass of sparkling water and ta-dah! Drink. Done.

2 thoughts on “My favourite drink; Elderflower Cordial

  1. snozcumber

    I made elderberry cordial in the Autumn, and wanted to make some elderflower cordial this Spring. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve just been out for a picnic, a stroll and elderflower picking with my little boy- a perfect day and also my birthday :-). Can’t wait to get making it later. May even brave it with no citric acid….oooohhhh!

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