We’ve had a long weekend. There was some sunshine and I had nothing planned. That meant there was no way I could ignore the long long list of decorating jobs that need to be done in my house…

In my garden is an offensive fence, I really don’t like the red it’s been stained I’d like it to just be wood colour or maybe a nice green, but the red has scuppered those ideas, if I were braver I would love to paint it black like the amazing home of the late Derek Jarman at Dungeness but being a bit of a chicken I decided that a grey would be a nice compromise. I chose Cuprinol Ducksback in Silver Copse available from all good DIY shops and set to work …

Before …


After 30 minutes …


I painted one fence panel and took a step back… Hmmmm … Had I just made a big mistake? It was just a dull nondescript grey, a little bit like a prison yard or the side of a battleship. Was I about to turn my garden into a builders yard? I had one grey panel and eight red ones and couldn’t decide which was better. So I went to bed.

Next morning the grey was growing on me so I cracked on with the rest …


And now it’s The Most Amazing Garden Fence In The World Ever.


It makes me feel all calm and serene whenever I look at it and then I got a bit overexcited and started painting anything in sight …


Things I have learnt from painting a fence

1. It’s a messy job, buy some disposable gloves to protect your hands.
2. Gently pull any plants away from the fence and cover in an old net curtain or other light fabric to protect them from paint splats.
3. Use a big brush loaded up with quite a bit of paint (the fence soaks up alot) and brush along each slat following the grain.
4. Use a smaller brush or sponge to do the corners and fiddly bits.
5. If you are painting over an existing colour it’ll probably take two coats, mine does but I don’t think I can face it – I’ve still got 12 panels and gates to go!

7 thoughts on “Take a fence: before & after project

  1. Karen Mannering

    Be proud of yourself – it looks lovely. Makes me feel like grabbing a brush myself but it is pouring outside at the moment

  2. redesigned

    What a beautiful transformation! My landscaper told me that there are certain exterior colors that look great against plants, and a dark gray color is one of them (which is the color of my house). I can see what he means now! The plants pop so much nicer against the new color than it did against the red. ~M.


  3. themakebox

    I would never have thought about grey as a good fence colour but it really sets off the foliage! well done for being brave enough to just go for it, what a fab result! Did you find the fumes ok from the paint? Jen @ The Make Box xx

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