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I saw this little fellow on a recent trip to Paperchase, initially I couldn’t quite work out what it was but then on further investigation I realised it was maybe one of the Best Fancy Dress Costumes Ever.

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How neat is that! Designed by a French company called Omy they also have Lions, and Tigers and Bears (well, Lions and Superheros and Princesses) as well as a range of other cool and chic kids pictures, wallpapers and T shirts.

They may be quite a new company as lots of exciting looking things on the website are ‘coming soon’, but if you are good at French (I’m not) you can buy lots of cool stuff and probably get it delivered to your house (I’ve just spent quite a long time trying to find out if they deliver to the UK and using my basic grasp of French learned from The Eurovision Contest I can confirm they do indeed deliver to Royaume-Uni)
Click the picture below to visit their site



One thought on “O my indeed!

  1. Hilde

    haha this is fantastic. I had no idea what it was from the first picture, but the second picture actually made me laugh out loud. I want one!

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