Felt Sew Good release

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Here is a book. A book called Felt Sew Good. A book I spent many hours last summer creating; dreaming up, making, writing and illustrating the 30 or so projects and it’s finally here and though I do say it myself it’s really rather nice. It looks, feels and smells good too. Above is a little taster of what’s inside and if you head over to Amazon now you can use their nifty ‘look inside’ feature to find out more!

Oh and you know that thing about buses and how you can wait for ages and two come at once? Well, apparently it’s the same for books as here is Felt Sew Goods sister title Little Sew and Sew. Also by me, also rather nice and also available to buy now!

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Over the following weeks there’ll be some free project downloads, some interviews and other exciting things. Cool.

5 thoughts on “Ta-dah! new books available NOW

  1. Nicole Twena

    Your felt book looks amazing! I love 100% wool felt so it’s such a pleasure to see interesting project ideas that you know if you made yourself would be lovely to hold and would last. I have an Etsy shop selling 100% wool felt so I will give your book a shout out to all my customers. Just off to order my copy now…..

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  3. Anisa Sheriff

    Hi have recently bought felt, sew, good, this very inspiring and well illustrated book and am wondering if it is 3mm wool felt that was used for the ipad cover or another thickness?

    Am looking forward to getting started on this great pattern.
    Best Anisa

  4. sewyeah Post author

    Hi Anisa

    thank you for your question… It is 3mm wool felt i used for the ipad cover. There are two layers of it so it ends up quite thick. I also slip another rectangle of felt slightly larger than the screen inside to protect it further. Happy crafting! xc

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