Just as the Spring finally starts to make an apperance I’m back at Marie Claire Runway, immersing myself in the colours, styles and trends that we’re all going to be wearing this autumn and into 2014 (fyi: punk, pink and mannish suits). So even though we have barely started to wear our flip flops I am already planning my next winter coat and hat (a nice 1940’s style Prada piece, thank you please).

I have decided that if I have room for another career in my lifetime I might like to be a set designer. I’ve spent a lot of time watching catwalk videos of the shows, (check out Louis Vuitton or Prada to see what I mean) but it’s this little ‘making of’ video from Mulberry that really made me think … “yeah, that’d be fun to do”.

Working with 3D designers extrordinaire Millington Associates Mulberry turned the entrance of Claridges into a magnificent hedgerow, full of butterflies, harvest mice, flowers and mulberries (obvs) then carried the theme through on to the catwalk.

mulberry making of

click to watch

mulberry grabs

Want to make a giant mouse. now.