Today’s post is brought to you by the letters A, E, H, K, C, R, B, K, P, R, V


You may recognise some of these letters from previous Letter Of The Day posts. I have finally found them an appropriate space in My New House hanging between my New Wardrobes in my Newly Decorated Bedroom.

I hung them with hammer and nail … now I can do a lot of crafty things and will have a go at most DIY challenges but I still can’t manage to hammer a nail in straight … It’s always been an issue and one I haven’t mastered yet, so behind those letters are a lot of holes, bent nails and frustration. Oh and don’t even get me started on the spacing between the letters (known as kerning in ‘the biz’. You can play a ‘fun’ game and practice your kerning here), that was hard, and I apologise for the spacing between the R and the B; way     to    much.

Anyway, what does it all mean you may wonder. Well my friend Master J thinks it could stand for…

Always Eat Hot Kedgeree Carefully. Remember: Burning Kedgeree Proves Rather Vexatious

but what do you think?