I would like some chevron fabric. It’s not much to ask is it?

Well, apparently it is. Though some (me) would say that chevrons are The New Stripe and the thing to be decorating your house with this season others – meaning every UK manufacturer and distributor of fabric – seem to disagree and I can’t find any for love or money … Some may say I’m backing the wrong horse but across the pond in the good old U.S. of A it’s chevrons a-go-go, (though I have just been out there for two weeks and still couldn’t find any)  hmmm has my stylee sense got it wrong this time?

I don’t think so … The chair above is amazing and from popular high street store Urban Outfitters. The American branches anyway ($349 if you’re interested (click on the picture to go buy)).

I guess I could go down the DIY route like this natty little number

taken from Pinterest, click for original

Or Etsy is awash with cushions

1. £10 SewGracious click here to buy
2. £22 Dekowe click here to buy
3. £20 MissyMackCreations click here to buy

But really all I want is a couple of meters of grey chevron stripe material to cover the padded top of an old wooden chest I have. Anyone have any ideas?

I have been on holiday.

When I wasn’t doing this …


… I was gazing at this …


… Watching these …


… and thinking of ideas for new books, more makes for the blog and big plans for the house.

So watch this space …

Charley Harper Darwins Finches £50

My new house (I’ve moved don’t you know) has walls, lots of walls. My old house only had room for one large picture but now everywhere I look there is a wall crying out for a poster, a print or a photograph.

I have a problem buying art. A lot of the things I like I think I could either A: Do myself if I had the time. Or (more often) B: Get so jealous that I couldn’t do it myself that though I love it I feel ever so slightly depressed when ever I look at it.

But today I have found a brilliant website that has so many prints I like that I could probably do the whole house in one go. It all started when I was looking online for a Charley Harper print  (no, not a picture of Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and A Half Men, that is this  Charlie Harper), I love his graphic style and bold colours, I love the fact that he illustrated Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cookbook in the 50’s, I love it all really.

From Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

So I’m very excited that I’ve found Elphicks an online shop (and actual shop in Columbia Road, London) that has so many prints I want to own. Right. Now.

Wayne Pate £65

Wayne Pate £65

Marcus Walters £50

James Brown £20

Blanca Gomez £35

Blanca Gomez £35

Claire Hartigan £20

Ingela P Arrenius £18

The prints range from small to large, cheap to a bit spenny. There are Limited Edition Prints, Signed Prints, Litho, Lino, and Screen prints, Giclee prints and Tiny prints (lots are sold as more purse friendly greetings cards).

To see the rest of Elphicks collection head over there now  (or click on one of the above prints)

I still think the Charley Harper will be the first purchase though.

I find it hard to buy cushions. More often than not I know half a meter of fabric or a particularly nice tea-towel (the small cushion above is made from one bought in an Anthropologie sale, the large from a fat quarter bought from FabricRehab), a feather cushion pad and a spare hour with the sewing machine will result in a cushion a fraction of the price as the ones I see in the shops. This theory doesn’t really apply when it comes to printed or embroidered cushions as the time/facilities needed versus value for money ratio is all wrong which is why when I spotted these two cushions in Matalan I had to buy them…

Embroidered Owl cushion

Printed text cushion

… especially as they were only £10 and £8 respectively.

Matalan do do some good little bits and pieces for the home. Visit their website here to see for yourself…

I do also have an aversion to synthetic cushion pads (which most cheaper cushion covers come with) as to me they always make the cushion sit too upright and don’t feel  snuggly enough. But feather pads can get expensive so I tried an experiment the other day which surprisingly worked. I bought feather bed pillows from Poundstretcher at £7.99 for two, then in the garden I opened up a cushion pad I got with the Matalan cushions and removed the stuffing (useful to keep for stuffing soft toys etc). Then I carefully opened a corner of the feather pillow and transferred half the feathers from the pillow in to the cushion case. When the cushion case was suitable plump I sewed it up, squared off the pillow sewed that up aswell and ended up with two new feather cushion pads.

It’s not the tidiest of jobs and the garden did look a little like I taken a job as a duck plucker when I’d finished but it did save a lot of pennies.