Here is a papercraft project I did in association with Hobbycraft a Christmas or so ago. I’d like to say I’ve made one this year for the New Front Door but that would be a lie.

Below are the step by step instructions and some templates for the holly and ivy leaves and the flowers that aren’t made using paper punches. If you want further guidance there’s also a video featuring yours truly!

The easiest flowers to make use a large and a medium flower craft punch.
1. Punch a variety of flowers in different papers and sizes.
2. Pinch each petal together using your fingers to make them 3D.
3. Stick a large and a medium flower together using a glue dot, making sure the petals are staggered then to finish stick a button into the centre of each flower, or you can also scrunch up a small piece of paper and fix in the centre.
4. The same effect can be created using different flower shapes by using the templates, then following the same techniques as above to make up the flowers.
5. To make the leaves, cut out leaf shapes using the templates, some with normal scissors and some with pinking shears, score a wavy line along the back of each leaf by either using the blunt side of a craft knife or drawing a line firmly with a biro.Pinch the leaf together along the crease to make it 3D.


1. Cut a ring of paper approximately 25cm diameter.
2. Starting at the bottom of the ring build up your paper flowers, fixing them in place with a glue gun or glue dots.
3. The wreath looks best when the flowers are placed close together.
4. Smaller flowers and leaves can be used to fill in the spaces, so the whole ring is covered.
5. Fix a loop of ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang.

Hints and Tips
Translucent, patterned or mirrored papers work well.



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  1. jo

    Don’t think I’ve seen that before its gorgeus. (Are they really your hands in the video…I think you could be a hand model!) x x x x x x x x x x x

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