So it’s almost Christmas. All the glossy magazines have released their December issues full of party frocks and Christmas nibbles and in the case of Marie Claire a lovely feature on how to have a Hand Crafted Christmas featuring a simple project by me. Hurrah.

If you’ve bought the mag and have come here for the star template, then here it is …

If you haven’t bought the mag, then why not?

But seeing as it’s Christmas here are the step by steps to making your own garland.


9 thoughts on “make: paper star garland (as seen in Marie Claire)

  1. sewyeah Post author

    Oh My goodness! well spotted, that seems to be a step left over from a completely different project (the Make Ribbon Flags from a few months ago) Thank you for pointing it out to me… Must have been very confusing. I will fix it . Thanks Christine

  2. kmam

    Love these! So simple to do. Have just ordered origami paper after a practice run with my kid’s colouring in paper.

  3. sewyeah Post author

    Thank you for your comment… The paper is from Paperchase and is from a pack of Origami papers. try

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