I would like some chevron fabric. It’s not much to ask is it?

Well, apparently it is. Though some (me) would say that chevrons are The New Stripe and the thing to be decorating your house with this season others – meaning every UK manufacturer and distributor of fabric – seem to disagree and I can’t find any for love or money … Some may say I’m backing the wrong horse but across the pond in the good old U.S. of A it’s chevrons a-go-go, (though I have just been out there for two weeks and still couldn’t find any)  hmmm has my stylee sense got it wrong this time?

I don’t think so … The chair above is amazing and from popular high street store Urban Outfitters. The American branches anyway ($349 if you’re interested (click on the picture to go buy)).

I guess I could go down the DIY route like this natty little number

taken from Pinterest, click for original

Or Etsy is awash with cushions

1. £10 SewGracious click here to buy
2. £22 Dekowe click here to buy
3. £20 MissyMackCreations click here to buy

But really all I want is a couple of meters of grey chevron stripe material to cover the padded top of an old wooden chest I have. Anyone have any ideas?

11 thoughts on “Chevron or chev-right?

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  2. Donna Willingham

    Hey Christine, your blog came up on page one when looking for ‘teal chevron cushions’ – I’m desperate for a bit of chevron in my life too! How weird when I realised who you were… Donna (Willingham was wade from back in the bliss days, ha ha!) x

  3. sewyeah Post author

    HI Donna, Nice to hear from you Glad you found me (in a round about way!) There’s a lot of chevron making its way over to our shores now. Finally! hope you find some.

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