In my old house I only needed three bins, one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom and the kitchen one. Now it seems I have a need for a bin wherever I go (especially as I am still unpacking) and need to find 5 more, well 7 really as I managed to leave my bathroom and kitchen ones in the old house. Here is something I have realised… A good bin is hard to find…  So I’m making do with an interesting selection of receptacles till I find some decent ones.

The one good bin I do have is one I bought in a sale at The Pier when I worked there as a student. When I bought it I always planned to paint it or cover it with paper as I really liked the shape but not so much the paint job. Now 19 years and 6 houses later I have finally gotten around to it.

I’m using the bin in my spare room which is the only room that doesn’t require major renovations (more of which later), I’m sure painting the bin isn’t necessarily the first thing you should do when decorating a room but then I’m finding when it comes to DIY I’m not one for rational planning and sensible organisation!

I used a small radiator roller to paint the lines and it took a few coats of undercoat to obliterate the zebra stripe.

I’m not having much luck finding others I like but here are three that seem fairly innocuous

From Left:
Grey Stripe from BHS £10, not technically a bin but if you only used it for paper bits then it would be fine … Get it here

Teal Metal from Ikea £11, This is a bit of an odd size … A bit too big to be a bedroom bin and too small for a kitchen, so though I looked at it in the shop I didn’t buy it… Obviously as soon as I got home I realised it was the perfect size for the Craft Room. (Yeah, I now have a Craft Room, well, a room in which I do craft. Others would call it a glorified cupboard.) … Get it here

Blue Flip Top from Habitat £22, Has a nice rubberised finish so you wont need to keep polishing it like you do shiny stainless steal ones … Get it here

I’m currently thinking the best bin bet is to buy cheap metal ones from the Pound Shop and cover them in a paper or paint that suits the scheme of the room.

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  1. sewyeah Post author

    Try and celebrate the wonderful craftsmanship of the Piers carpenters for creating something that’s lasted so long! (just like our friendship…. Blurgh!)

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