Today is the official release date for the next book in our Everything range of craft books; A series of books creating craft and cookery projects inspired by well loved classic tales. This time last year Everything Alice, The Wonderland book of Makes was released with over 50 projects inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and now it’s the turn of The Wizard of Oz

(I’ve borrowed this image from Hannahs Blog Couture craft, click here to head on over there to see what she’s been up to recently and to see us fighting over a pair of sparkly slippers)

We had great fun coming up with the craft and cookery projects for this book. Hannah yet again has done some beautiful illustrations and I got all inspired by vintage circus and fairground posters for the typography and design of the book. One of my favourite pages from the book is the contents page; a right labour of love. Go visit my Pinterest page to see my inspirations.

You can read more about Everything Oz here and buy it from here.
Thank you

3 thoughts on “Today's the day!!

  1. harders59

    You are right … there is no place like home…and the Emerald City is inspirational . Cogratulations on this latest amazing book!

  2. betherina

    It was dispatched from amazon today! Should be getting it next tues. I’m so unbelievabley excited!

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