Today’s post is bought to you by the letter C


1. This letter C is 40cm high
2. It’s made of metal painted blue and yellow plastic.
3. I bought it from the wonderful Aladdins Cave on Lewisham Way. One day I will do a proper blog post on this emporium as it has so much more than letters.
4. It didn’t light up when I bought it and I still don’t think I have the right light fitting for it… I used to have fairy lights stuffed inside it which kinda worked but they all fell to the bottom. Now I have an old bulb fitting from an Ikea lamp, it just doesn’t give a very even light and I don’t like to leave it unattended.
5. Yet again it’s a fatty Helvetica.
6. Good words that begin with C are: Christine (obviously), confuzzled and cellar door. I know cellar door is actually two words but this phrase (or celador) is one of the top ten Most Beautiful Words in the World Ever. Apparently it is beautiful in terms of phonaesthetics (i.e., sound) with no regard for semantics (i.e., meaning). JRR Tolkien (y’know ‘that Lord of the Rings guy’ as someone on Yahoo Answers called him) wrote an essay about it in 1955, but I learnt about it the same way I learnt all my important facts when I was growing up; from a Judy Blume novel.

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