I have been to Ikea. I went to get some eggcups (that they didn’t have), a replacement recycling bin – as mine was stolen from outside the house (that they have changed the design of so now it’s 2 inches taller than the old one and thus doesn’t fit in my cupboard), some metal hangers for Master J (they don’t make them any more) and some material (out of stock). It was a bit of a disastrous mission really until I turned the final corner and saw this …

Mmmmm, lovely lovely wrapping paper. I had entered the Ikea Gift Wrapping section.

Do I need some matching tags to go with that lovely lovely gift wrap?

Yes I do. But what about these number ones?

That also come in white …

but then there’s these picture ones …

With matching stickers.

And how about some Washi Tape

Don’t mind if I do, and to finish it all off, some curly wurly ribbon.

Thank you Ikea my faith in you has been restored.

(In true Ikea fashion nothing here was more than £5. The tags and stickers were 50p-£1, the ribbon £2, the gift wrap £4 and the Washi tape £5 … which is pretty damn good for Washi Tape. I couldn’t find them on the Ikea website so you’ll have to get yourselves down to a store (Top Tip: don’t go on a Bank Holiday, go when there’s some football or other national sporting event on, it’s well quiet then.))

8 thoughts on “Ikea did good.

  1. Bougielyns

    Love the tags and the Washi tape! Hope they have this in stock at my local Ikea here in the Czech Republic. Keep meaning to go there for some more picture frames and of course the obligatory meatballs 🙂

  2. sewyeah Post author

    Yup I had the meatballs and the butterscotch dime cake. Always good! Hope your Ikea stocks these products, they’re so nice

  3. sewyeah Post author

    Noooo! The States has amazing stationery, and you all have Gift Wrapping Rooms in your houses! (apparently, according to Martha Stewart)

  4. Jewel

    Where where where did you find these? I have tried two IKEAs in the UK since seeing this amazing post and can’t find them! Jewel x

  5. sewyeah Post author

    Ooh they were in the Croydon one about a week ago. It seemed to be quite a permenant display. Hope you find some soon

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