Today’s post is bought to you by the letter Z

1. This letter Z is 20cm high
2. It’s made of cardboard  and slightly padded material (to disguise those sharp corners)
3. I bought it in America – Las Vegas or New York – from Anthropologie, where it was in the sale (I guess there’s not much call for the letter Zee). I love an American Anthropologie sale; not only are things reduced but they’re also in dollars (which I can never work out the conversion rate on so I just halve everything then add a bit more) AND they don’t have tax on them so everything seems extra extra cheap … problem is when I’m in the English stores I’m still thinking the prices are in dollars. They’re not. You can buy similar ones here (Well they’re not similar at all but they are from Anthropologie and still nice).
4. I bought it for my friend Lady K as she has a Z z Z zzZzz collection in her bedroom
5. It’s a bit too flowery for her new decor so I’m supposed to be covering it in a nice spotty fabric… haven’t got round to it yet … soz.
6. It’s a Helvetica
7. Good words that begin with Z are: Zoinks, Za (ever so useful in scrabble that one) and Zowie (as in Zowie Cavey!)