1. This letter P is 12cm high
2. It’s made of painted metal, metal that looks like its been painted many times and I can’t seem to get the sticky stuff from the price ticket off.
3. I bought it in one of the many antique shops in lovely Lewes (more of which here)
4. It doesn’t stand up on its own as its ‘belly’ is to heavy so it always topples forward which is annoying.
5. It’s a nice fatty fatty Gill.
6. On another note the wallpaper it’s on is my favourite. I found it in the back of the Fashion Cupboard when I worked at Bliss Magazine many many moons ago. Ive only got two rolls of it and I don’t want to wallpaper a whole wall with it as I couldn’t dream of leaving it behind when (if) I move, so I’ve used it to line drawers and the inside of cupboards and the side of my bath tub. I still have about a roll and a half left.
7. Good words that begin with P are: preposterous, predilection, and peril (especially when prefaced with the word mortal)