Here are two books I found at a boot sale the other day, they are both going to help me with my next projects…

1. News Chronicle Needlework and Crafts

subtitled inside as “Every Woman’s Book on the Arts of Plain Sewing, Embroidery, Dressmaking, and Home Crafts”. A 340 page behemoth of a book with pretty much everything I’ll ever need to know about anything by the looks of things! It’s weirdly not got a publication date but it’s written in old money and inches so its pre 1971. It’s also got a secret pocket at the back with embroidery transfers in which I didn’t notice till I got home. Bonus.

2. Twinkle Annual 1977, Specially for Little Girls

of which I was one once and remember getting this comic from the newsagent on occasion. I love the illustrations and outfits in this annual and I think subconsciously my illustration style over the years has been influenced by them as I often draw girls with big hair and eyes, short dresses and big boots.

2 thoughts on “Car Boot Booty

  1. Karen

    Love the twinkle book I used to have the comic, not sure I was ever luckily enough to get the annual!

  2. betherina

    Twinkle! I used to love those annuals! Still got hundreds in my mum’s attic I imagine!

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