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As I’m about to start work on my new books (yup, books. Plural. Two of ’em, on different subjects but doing them at the same time … ) I’m trying to be super organised and decide the colour palette of each project before I begin as usually I end up making several projects that all tend to end up in the same hues of pink, purple and aqua and I’m trying to avoid that this time.

I started looking for inspiration over on Pinterest, pinning pictures that had beautiful colour combinations when I spotted these images which I think may solve all my problems.


They are created by Jessica, a design and colour guru who years ago started using pantone swatches to break down images into simple colour palettes and stored them all in big sketchbooks. Now she does it in a more high tech way and shares the results on her website and blog Design Seeds.

It’s a marvel of a thing.

At the top is a colour slider so you can choose the main colour for your palette and the search results give you various beautiful images broken down into colour swatches that you can then use as you so wish. Go on try if for yourself here. It’s ever so addictive.

Jessica has kindly compiled all her swatches into several volume of books which you can download as ebooks or have delivered direct to your door as actual books. Buy them here

I’ve also found an app that claims it does the same thing from your own photos. It’s called cliqcliqcolours and you can get it at the app store. I want it to be really good and mostly it is, but on occasion it does seem to miss entire colours out …


Er hello, where’s the pink?

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    yes, I thought of you when I found it.. I was thinking of those books you had years ago when you can into Bliss! Useful stuff

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