Today I am on a train heading to Derby for a friends wedding; when I say friend I mean ex-boyfriend and when I say wedding I mean Day Three of an amazing AngloIndian Extravaganza. I have been shopping frantically for a suitable outfit and above is what I’ve come up with. I had dresses from Reiss and French Connection but they all paled into insignificance when this lace skirt from Anthropologie caught my eye (literally… You can’t tell here but it is The Brightest Coral you have ever seen). The jacket is also Anthropologie, it was hanging next to the skirt in the shop which surely means they go together right? The blouse is Top Shop (not convinced the sleeves are going to fit under the jacket (typical me I haven’t actually tried it all on together yet)) and the bag is H&M.

Shoes are always a problem for me as I’m quite tall. I love heels but I’d love them all a little bit more if they were just an inch or two shorter so I didn’t tower over everyone in the room. These were from Mary Portas for good old Clarks (must be good for your feet, mum will be proud). I bought them in Mary’s concession in House of Fraser and it’s true the service was outstanding. The friendly assistant told me of a 20% off discount from Vouchercloud and even though my phone was flat she still rang it through the till for me. Result!

The only thing I’m not sure of is the necklace. I’ve borrowed it from a fashion friend. I think it might be a bit big, but we’ll see…

Here’s what I bought and where I bought it from …

blouse £36 Top Shop
skirt £148 Anthropologie
jacket £148 Anthropologie
bag £12.99 H&M
nail varnish £8.50 Essie Chinchilly
shoes £79.99 Mary Portas at Clarks

And now I’ve only got 30 minutes to get ready … Gotta dash!

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