Today’s post is bought to you by the letter E.

E Facts

1. This letter E is 20cm high.
2. It’s made of wood and my favourite bits are the lovely chamfered edges. It’s another one of my finds from Aladdin’s Cave. It’s old, scratched, beaten up and all the better for it.
3. It’s in a font that may or may not be Times… It could also be something like Garamond or Bembo, but it seems condensed to me.
4. It’s become a home for this little bird that is one of a set of Christmas decorations that my sister bought me as a gift. Some Christmas decorations are just too pretty to pack away in a box for 11 months of the year.
5. Good words that begin with E… Earwig, Eejit and eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious*

*Apparently this means good, but I can’t really find any history of the word anywhere on the whole interweb (and I looked real hard, even onto the 2nd page of Google). One definition of the word said this: eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious, longer than antidisestablishmentarianism. Which isn’t a lie but also isn’t very satisfying.