Today’s post is bought to you by the letter U.

U Facts

1. This letter U is 25 cm high
2. It’s made of plaster or maybe some sort of balsa wood.
3. I bought it from Hobbycraft. When I got it it was a plain and simple white letter and a lil bit boring. I transformed it by cutting inch wide strips of paper (the one I used was from Paperchase and was a kinda half tissue paper half paper paper, so pliable but strong) and dunking them in a pot of wallpaper paste, removing the excess paste with my hands and wrapping the U with them and leaving to dry.
4. It used to live in my kitchen helping spell the word cherub (now it’s packed away in the shed waiting for The Move).


5. It’s in bog standard Times, yawn.
6. Good words that begin with U: ummmmmmm, umami, unbelievable

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