I was lucky enough to go to Tokyo a few years ago and whilst there I discovered two amazing things (well three if you include the fact that dogs are wheeled around in prams dressed as babies).

    1. Daiso Harajuku on Takeshita Dori.

This shop is the Japanese equivalent of a 99p store known as a 100 yen store (and when I was there 100 yen was around 70 pence.) Now I love a UK 99p store but a Japanese one is extra special as everything in it has that extra sheen of ‘being foreign’ and therefore a little bit more cool (Although sometimes I find things lose their coolness at some point on the flight home). I took two trips to this store in the four days I was in Tokyo and spent £100 which as anyone good at maths will have worked out is …. errrrrr… 141 products? Somewhere in my photo album that is my computer I have pictures of all my spoils, one day I shall dig them out and share them with you.


    2. Felissimo Catalogues.

I’d read lots of crafty blogs looking for tips on good places to shop for fabrics and bits and bobs before I went to Tokyo and while I didn’t manage to get to many of the shops I’d tracked down I did find something that blew my little crafty brain box! Whilst browsing in a bookshop two magazines caught my eye; Couturier and Minnk. They are both more catalogue than magazine but do have little visual (thank god as my japanese isn’t brilliant) step by step guides to the different crafts they are selling.


Couturier is stuffed to the gills with different craft supplies ranging from papercraft to embroidery to jewellery taking in the more unique Japanese crafts of tiny ornate cakes made from felt and other delights whereas Minnk has more homeware and clothing.


They both have simple stunning photography and are beautifully designed, I use them a lot not only to inspire me with craft projects but also in my design work.


Thing is, I want all the stuff in them but can’t get my hands on any of it due to the small fact of, ooh about 6000 miles and a translation problem… UNTIL NOW! Recently I have discovered that Fellissimo the company behind Couturier and Minnk have put all their magazines on line so you can browse to your hearts content AND you can also buy things and have them shipped to your door. I feel there may still be a bit of a gamble with the things you order as there’s not that much English translation on the site so it might be hard to tell if you’re buying 1 or 100 cross stitch monogrammed hankies or if the paper doily is 10 cm or 10 meters but with products this beautiful will it really matter?

Go see for yourself… Right here… Go now!

3 thoughts on “Crafty business Tokyo style

  1. thetreasurehunteruk

    I’m so with you on this. I went to Daiso in Singapore. I loved it so much I’ve also written about it on my blog. It’s AMAZING! I was at the end of my holiday and could barely fit all the lovely things I bought into my suitcase. It’s a good job they don’t sell online or I’d be bankrupt by now.

  2. sewyeah Post author

    I know! When researching this post I did find the Dasio website fortunately it was only an information site and not an online store! Loving your blog!

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