Here is a trumpet (possibly bugle for the brass instrument pedants among us). It belongs to me. I bought it from a car boot sale in the aforementioned Lewes. It was one of those rare occasions when you set out to a car boot thinking ‘I really need a trumpet’ (I said it was rare) and you actually find one. For £4. I am showing it to you here as I am about to show you this …


Two lovely little bits of press about this here blog. First one is from the awesome Mollie Makes Magazine a beautiful magazine produced in Bath (My second home – not literally but spiritually) full of inspiring craft projects. It was a real surprise to see this in the mag so thank you muchly.

The second is from Company Magazine. I did know about this one as my friend is the Art Director there but still didn’t expect a page. Again thank you muchly.

Two great magazines out now. Go buy.

5 thoughts on “Bring on the trumpets

  1. Elisalex

    Excellent trumpet/bugle find! And congratulations on the features – it was through Mollie Makes that I found your blog today, and very glad that I did!! Looking forward to a quiet moment to rummage through old posts for some renewed inspiration…

  2. Faye

    Ive always wanted to make my own jewellery but never really knew which way to go about it, I just had my tattoo done and Id gone to buy myself some food I never really ever by company and something made me that day, I flicked through untill I came across your page which really inspired me to finally try my hand at jewellery so i’d just like to thank you for inspiring me, congratulations on your two articles. Wishing you all the best!

  3. sewyeah Post author

    Thank you Faye for a lovely message… I’m glad i inspired you, I hope your earrings turn out well. You can use any beads or charms on earrings like these. (and hope your tattoo doesn’t hurt too much!)

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