Other than the Isle of Wight, Vegas is my most favourite place In The World. I love Vegas, like proper proper love it, I don’t know why, it might be the ridiculousity of it all, the people watching, the erupting volcano watching, the sinking pirate ship watching, the fact that I’ve seen more of ‘Europe’ in Vegas than I have actually seen in Europe.

I reckon the thing I love the most is the lights … The brash flashing, clashing, racing, chasing lights of the casinos, the hotels, the wedding chapels, the public toilets (probably). The picture above is of a six inch high bit of tourist tat (Vegas does the best tourist tat) that whenever I’m feeling blue I switch it on and watch the frantic lights for a minute or two and I can’t help but smile.

Vegas by its nature is a fast paced place; people come, people go, hotels are always either being put up or torn down, the amazing neon displays left for scrap. Fortunately the wonderful people at the Neon Boneyard have been trying to save these signs from extinction. Situated in Downtown Vegas in two massive parking lots signs from the original casinos built in the ’40’s rub shoulders with signage from the iconic hotels of the ’60’s and beyond.

If you’re looking for a slightly different photo opportunity than standing in front of the Bellagio fountains or with Elvis at the Chapel of Love take a guided tour round this little slice of Vegas history.I took these images on my first visit to Vegas and on my return showed my friends and family all 346 photos (patient people my friends). One friend Lady K shares my passion for all things Vegas and got this giant canvas made up using one of my shots.

There’s loads of places online that do this sort of thing, just do a search for giant photo canvases. Having discussed it with Lady K we have established that she can’t remember who made hers but it cost about £160 about three years ago.

When I get a house big enough I am totally having one too.